16 Realistic, Inspirational Quotes From Oscar Wilde

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Inspirational Quotes From Oscar Wilde Here is a collection of 16 inspirational quotes from Oscar Wilde. One of the reasons we have loved his quotes is their absolute simplicity and the inherent strength within the quotes which drive us to think beyond the limitations life has imposed on us to factor in the possibilities and […]

Zootopia: 5 Reasons To Watch it Today!

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Welcome to the modern Mammal Metropolis Zootopia! 🙂 If I could use one word to describe the movie, it’s “Happiness.” I usually don’t write movie reviews and Zootopia made me write today. If you are looking for the technicalities, skeptical reviews and accurate rating for the movie, here is the link These are just the 5 […]

10 Realistic Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes for Personal Triumph

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Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes: Ralph Waldo Emerson – the poet, lecturer and essayist has been mostly known for his words (Wikipedia, 2015). His words, philosophies and thoughts continue to linger even to this day and one cannot say enough about the impact they have on us. As an ode to this personality, we present you with […]