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In our previous posts, we talked about MBA schools in India and the top ranked schools which are highly sought after. We all are quite familiar with the IIM’s and the one year flagship program of ISB. Apart from these, the top 10 schools in India also find some very interesting schools in their crown. Today, we are going to talk about one such school –SP Jain School of Global Management.

SP Jain

I still remember the days when I was applying for my MBA’s and this was one of the target schools I was eagerly preparing one. It was a very interesting experience to land in Mumbai and sit in an interview for them and understand the culture there. Of course the campus was abuzz. It was very interesting that they managed a university culture in the same campus. Initially I wondered why they would do that since all the IIM’s are purely B schools and provide a focussed exposure. But then I realised MBA is more of a Blended learning where you need a wider exposure to understand the different dimensions of business and how it can rope in the beauty of technical aspects to make it more scalable.

A few points featured strongly during my search for these B schools in India. Starting from the top priority, these schools were shortlisted based on Business School Rankings, Employability, Alumni, Placements, Curriculum and of course global experience. The quality of education no doubt ranks it in the top 10 B schools in the country. The school also hosts a wide alumni network which means a greater exposure to jobs and networking opportunities. An added flavour is the option through executive MBA. Although I never explored that option particularly, I found it quite impressive that the width of opportunities also provides you a chance to interact with experienced people.

SP Jain1

Something that caught my interest when I was looking at the school was the Tri-city model of MBA. Most B schools in India talk about global experience in terms of professors coming from different parts of the world to teach a class. That although provides a good studying experience, it rarely qualifies as an international experience since it does not provide enough time and opportunities for one to understand the culture. This particular program provides an opportunity to study the MBA in three different locations namely Dubai, Sydney and Singapore – the cities abuzz with business ideas where exposure can be as wide as one explores. All in all, the course seems very well structured to provide a B school experience which can provide a much needed boost to one’s career.

And this was SP Jain and B schools of choice in India. Stay tuned in for more such posts.

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  1. This sounds like a nice institution… 🙂 A good B-school can brighten up the future of a student in an amazing way. Thanks for sharing, Vinay… 🙂

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