To do the things you like, you also have to do things you don’t like

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It seemed like a gloomy evening, no breeze and high humidity and most importantly I was feeling not so good doing something which I didn’t like. I decided to meet my friend, I was talking my heart out saying how difficult I find to do the things I don’t like, he said “Vidya, to do the things you like you have to also do the things you don’t like” I don’t know what happened to me all at once, I started to feel the breeze, and the humidity almost kind of vanished.

I got into a deeper strand of thought, recalled all the things I did which I didn’t like: going to music classes when I was a kid, talking to strangers, facing the crowd, reading my books, studying for exams and so on….. If I look in retrospect, I can confidently sing outside the bathroom, I like to talk to strangers, I am not afraid to face the crowd anymore, and well to be honest I still don’t like exams :D…

I realize at some point all these things which I seemed to hate are the ones which I don’t anymore. Somewhere all the hated parts of my life have been important to make me who I am today, and today I am glad I did them all. I guess sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit for doing the things we don’t like, or we fail to appreciate them, and most time is consumed in cursing about them.

But I guess what really matters is the beautiful impact it creates on us, the way it shapes us, guides us further to face greater challenges. The more I think of it I realize, the more I am bogged down by the smaller challenges in life, they keep me down, and probably it feels better to face the smaller ones and gear up for the more meaningful and fulfilling ones. In the long run, I guess the things we don’t like matter too….


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