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12dc60f81a81414f57a251191b9f3519Well! I am sure this would have raised a couple of eyebrows atleast when I say tipping an auto driver. I am sure we all have our woeful tales about auto drivers. I hate the way some of them demand more than what appears on the metered charge, I hate the way some of them curtly say NO when you request them and some of them even go to the extent of vocally defending and comparing making a huge debate to justify the injustice. And I too have been tired of the same and it so happens that before finding someone who would actually take the fair rate, I would have to go through atleast 4-5 of them who will not.

We recently wrote an article about how we were frustrated with an auto driver and his views about the world – The Bully Auto Driver. But today was a different experience thankfully. I was in Bangalore trying to find an auto for my next destination. Most of them blindly said NO, some of them said Rs.100/-. It is as if Rs.100/- has become a common currency of late and nothing else has any value, doesn’t matter whether it is fair or not. Somehow I went through 5-6 of them and then finally went with another person. I reached my destination and the meter read Rs.70/-. And I happily paid him a Rs.90/- and said Thank You!

Again while coming back the same thing happened and this time the drivers were telling a rate of Meter+Rs.30/-. It is as if paying a service surcharge. I feel so irritated when a consumer is taken for granted and we don’t have any place or an authority to go to. But again after about 5-6 attempts, I was able to find one who took the metered charge. I have often wondered

Why do they demand an extra charge? 

– Is it because they think that they are being treated unfairly?

– Is it because they think that it is very easy for others to make money?

– Is it because they know that we do not have many options?

– Is it because money has lost its complete value and people don’t mind forcing you to tip them?

I can come up with a lot more questions and annoying answers but not many of them are going to satisfy me or you.

But again I ended up paying more for the other guys. Then I asked myself

Why not tip these guys? 

– Being in a service sector, I am someone who would love to tip, esp when the service has been good. TIPS ideally means – To Insure Prompt Service. But somehow it has reached a stage of exploitation now considering the experiences talked about above.

Now if I ask myself as to what the difference between the two is, basically I am paying the same amount of money.

But the difference is that, I give it because I am happy with the service, it gives me an opportunity to appreciate someone for a job well done. The way I see it, there still are guys who do the job and give it the respect it deserves, these people need to be recognized and rewarded for the same. I don’t mean to say that we should give them money every time. Sometimes even a word of appreciation can go a long way. Plus it is certainly something you can appreciate, there are a lot of others who make you miss these guys. And to insure that they are there, they need to be acknowledged, appreciated and sometimes even praised.

Kudos to such prompt ones.



power of communication, please and thank you, communication skills, being polite in life

 What does politeness have to do with LIFE? 

What is in it for me? 

I am a nice person but I don’t want to keep doing that cos people take advantage of me! 

Most people mistake it as a weakness and make fun of me when I am polite! 

If you have had any of these experiences and if any of them have made you wonder, this post is for you..

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4 thoughts on “Tipping an auto driver? – Tips, service

  1. wow, seems like its been atrocious these days and I agree tips should be as an appreciation for good work done not mandatory or demanding. Seems like the Rikshawallas (most of them) know how to whisk money out of locals….

    1. Very true Vidhya :). I get irritated very easily and keep walking off the moment they say no to the established rule. I don’t somehow get a good vibe when people, esp in a service sector fail to respond accordingly.. Wish there was a way to identify the good ones from the bad. The problem is that the ratio is too small 🙁

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