The timing will never be Perfect, You Might as Well Start Now– Chris Voss

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The timing for your dreams

What are the reasons/excuses you give yourselves in life?

The moment I ask this question, I get an almost immediate snap – WHAT DO YOU MEAN? HOW DARE YOU ASK ME THAT?


and so on..

I think we all have the right to be a bit defensive. But once the defensive layer fades off, we tend to think a little bit, only to realise that yeah – maybe some times we do give reasons for ourselves. And these reasons are usually for not taking a decision, for not doing something or for not calling someone and what not. Usually they are for something we have not done. And perhaps the most difficult is the explanation as to why we did not pursue something we felt strongly for. That brings me to the quote below:

The timing will never be perfect for you to pursue your dream, so you might as well  start now.

– Chris Voss

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The timing will never be perfect for you to pursue yourdream, so you might as well start now. – Chris Voss

The Inertia!

I think we all like a place where we feel comfortable about the pace of things in life. A place where there are little surprises and we actually know what we are doing, a place where there are less uncomfortable situations and we can handle things at our own pace and we have all the resources we need. Ironically, we also love a sense of adventure in life, something which keeps up the adrenaline rush and makes us want to get out of our bed with a start and passionately be involved in something. No doubt we like both of them very much but the sense of security seems to take the upper hand sometimes.

The sense of security

I believe that it is absolutely perfect that the sense of security takes the first precedence in our lives. This is because we want to cover our bases. We do not want surprises to be thrown at our face and not be ready for them. We also do not want to be in a place where when we lose, we lose so big that the entire life around us seems to crumble. So, no wonder we like a bit of sense of security with what we do. And that is one reason why we are always a bit cautious about the timing when we decide to take a risk and pick up something for which we do not have all the answers. It may sometimes even be perceived as a gamble considering the stakes involved.

The Timing

Nevertheless, there is never an easy time to take a decision. If we look very closely, it is almost always incredibly difficult to take a decision. This was something running very consciously in my mind when I made the post – The 7 Important Steps to Make Better Decisions Faster. We do understand that things are always at stake and that is how risks are defined. But then again, there will never be a place where things will be perfect for decision making. We will always have something or the other to lose. Each time, the reason is very reasonable and justified as well.

But there is one thing that is very strong for decision making – the answer to the question

How badly do you want it to happen?

I suppose that hunger defines a lot when it comes to your decision making. What do you think?

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