Time Management Ppt: 10 Ppt presentation Slides Through The Mastery Of Time And Its Management

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Time Management PPT

On popular request, we decided to make a ppt on our post – Time Management: 10 Tricks For absolute mastery.

Owing to the successful response on that post, we had a few requests for a presentation on time management incorporating these points we had mentioned in the article. This presentation talks about the techniques you can incorporate to manage time and gain mastery over your life.

We also made a time management video combining the pointers of the slideshow. You can find the time management presentation right below the video

Here you go with the slides 🙂

This time management ppt is split into 10 slides, sharing the details below:

Time Management Ppt Slides :

Below you find a brief explanation of the slides mentioned above. For a detailed explanation and pointers, you will find this link useful. 

Time management ppt Slide 1 : Prioritizing
Here are ways you can identify and prioritize your projects.

– Based on deadlines

– Based on what matters the most to you

– Based on Ease of the project. 

Make sure you select the one which works best for you.

Time management ppt Slide 2: Planning

Planning is not just for the ideal time scenario, it is also for the worst case. Make sure you have a buffer in your plan.

– Urgent need not mean important

– Plan a lax time

– Make your mistakes sooner

Time management ppt Slide 3 : Easy One Last? 

It is all about multitasking. If something is easy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do it in the end. You can complete it much sooner.

– Don’t push the easy one to last

– Combine it with another project/leisure

– Make sure you finish it on importance and not on ease

Time management ppt Slide 4: Procrastination

Procrastination is the thief of time. Most times we tend to think it is either easier or we will have more time tomorrow. But the truth is :

– You won’t have more time tomorrow

– It will not be easier tomorrow

– Do something today, even if it is very small

Time management ppt Slide 5: Chunking

Every big building was once a small blueprint. Make your huge project into several smaller ones with realistic targets to achieve.

– Split the project into small parts

– Keep smaller targets leading to the bigger one

– You don’t have to do all at once

Time management ppt Slide 6 : Combining

You just need to be smart about time. You cannot do everything at once. The old adage says – two things cannot occupy the same place at the same time. Although I completely agree to it, but when it comes to time management, I think there is a third alternative

– You can combine reading with travel

– Listening to a tape with the gym

– Relationship with doing an activity together

Time management ppt Slide 7 : Your Most productive time

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! You have to identify the times you work at your best -where your highest productivity comes into play. It need not be just about time, it can be place, environment, weather, climate and what note. Make sure that you create the most conducive environment for yourself.

– What time of the day are you at your best?

– You don’t have to put just hours into a project

– Work through your strengths, work smart

Time management ppt Slide 8 : Have a break

No one can sit straight for 10 hours and deliver an extraordinary outcome. We all need our coffee and tea breaks. We need to take our mind off this one thing which demands our utmost concentration. We need to learn the skill of switching ourselves off and turning back on when needed. And you can do that by taking timed breaks and being pretty smart about them.

– All work and no play leads you nowhere

– Take breaks, refresh and come back rejuvenated

– Keep it simple and separated

Time management ppt Slide 9 : Working Overtime

I agree that the companies appreciate you working overtime cos they have a deadline to match. But I am not an honest fan of working overtime. If we are doing it, it just means that we haven’t been very smart about planning the project. Or we haven’t assessed ourselves very well.

– Don’t over promise and worry later

– Working over time doesn’t necessarily mean you work good

– Spend time on efficiency rather than back breaking hard work

Time management ppt Slide 10 : The Big Picture

We all have a bigger picture in life, the bigger question which is beyond these tiny deadlines and paychecks and exam pressures. To answer that question we need to set our priorities straight.

– You are more important than the project

– Don’t let time play on your emotions and priorities of life

– Everything else can wait but not your life! 

These were our top 10 pointers for time management and making it work for you. We would love to hear your thoughts or if there is any issue on your mind where you think we can be of help, please write to us below. If you want a private conversation, please choose the anonymous option for comment and we would love to hear from you.

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