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It will not be an overstatement if I say that social media has overtaken the informal mode of business and customer interaction to an informal level. Just the day before I came to know about a price cut on a new phone I was planning to buy through their twitter feed. The social media pages of the companies have helped us stay in touch with the updates, new plans for businesses and enabled a customer interaction which was otherwise absent in the earlier models.

If you are a businessman, you know the importance of social media even better and it is very important for you to understand the best mode of communication with your customers. I have observed that twitter works extremely well with businesses. Now even FB and Linked In are catching up.

So it becomes very important for a company to maintain its feeds and customer interaction in these social networks. Thanks to the competition and diverse need of the clientele, the information and the social media connection needs to spread farther and wider. I have always wondered if there was a simpler solution where I could view the status of my social pages, the traffic, number of likes, customer interactions/comments.

And that’s when I came across ThoughtBuzz– A social media analytics tool which helps you keep a tab on multiple social media windows of your business page. On facebook, you can use it for your individual as well as a page through which you respond to your customers or followers. I tried usingThoughtBuzzfor the social media tracking for my page – Vinspire and found a few features very helpful –

An Overview of Inspire99 Page on ThoughtBuzz

Social Media Tracking [Sony PSP]

Features in ThoughtBuzz

  • It provides an overview of the number of likes, user engagement, popular posts, page reach, comments, clicks on the page
  • It provides the top performing shares, its reach, user interaction details
  • For twitter, it shows the number of favourites, retweets, usage through website/android device
  • It provides information about your top fans, followers and their activities, how many times they have mentioned you, the context, number of retweets and more.
  • You can select the performance window of the page/profile from over a year to just a week to track your progress and make changes correspondingly
  • It is a simple, elegant platform to manage all your social media operations at one point.

As a businessman, I find the platform quite useful since it saves time and helps me keep track of my social presence through this social media management software. It might be worth checking out if you are looking for a simple, elegant website/software to take care of your social media affairs.

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