Thinking is hard

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 True! Isn’t it? Manual labour is so much easier. Someone tells you what to do, sets a deadline, keeps you occupied and end of the day supervises your activities. i.e makes you a perfect employee maybe even the employee of the month. But that’s as far as it goes. Trying to analyse this quote

  • Thinking sure is a hard job since it involves a responsibility! Rather it seems like a bigger work to than the easy one which is taking things as they come.
  • More responsibility implies more roles. It is easy to shy away from roles that take us off our comfort zones, make us do more and widen the horizons, but all the same they are equally rewarding.
  • It seems like more work, and that’s how it is meant to be or else everyone would be at that. That is always the beauty of opportunity, it always comes in the guise of harder work!
  • Innovation, expertise, responsibility are definitely the hardest things to do, and definitely not many people are going to be proactively at it. And that’s exactly the edge. Take it up, there is so much more it can offer.
  • One of the reasons why we should do it is cos so few people are at it. Competition is lesser you see 😉

All said and done, words are easy to come by, it is the actions that make the real difference.

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2 thoughts on “Thinking is hard

  1. Ya thinking is a a difficult job and putting thoughts into action is even difficult. Most of us ‘think’ that we spend most of our time ‘thinking’ – it is wrong, most of the time we waste our time ‘Imagining’. 🙂

    1. Thank you Vinay. I like the play on words – ‘think’! The line between imagination and thinking is quite thick and surprisingly enough, it is hard to actually make it out at ease.

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