I Think Everyone Should Become Rich and Famous so That They Know It is Not The Answer – Jim Carrey

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Everyone Should Be Rich and Famous!

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I Think Everyone Should Become Rich and Famous so That They Know It is Not The Answer – Jim Carrey

I think everyone should get rich and famous,and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer

– Jim Carrey

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Rich and famous! – Not a bad dream to have isn’t it? Well I might not find myself nodding my head completely when I see this quote – that is perhaps because I am neither rich nor famous. Maybe that is why we are the quote critics here, trying to identify the truth we can make out of it.

These are the things you can say when you actually get there. This one reminds me of a quote by Bill Gates where he says it is the same burger whether you are a millionaire or a daily wage earner. Granted, these quotes are extremely catchy and they are true too, but the question is – do they make sense all the time.

Honestly, my answer is NO too. But I would like to try and imagine why these people have said so, especially about the things which most people strive for in their lives. Maybe it is to say that there are bigger values and dreams to achieve than money and fame. Maybe it is considered humility to consider money as a secondary aspect and human values as the first. Or maybe it is just a simple plain truth which they see from their perspective. But I would still like to get rich and famous though :D.

Abstinence and feeling completely satisfied are one of the hardest things to follow or preach in life. So we will refrain from that completely – we know that it is not our place. But I do agree that there are so many wonderful things that come along our way which is neither related to fame or money or following our dream. It might be in various ways such as

  • The sheer pleasure of smiling at an unknown person and offering a hand to help them out.
  • The brilliance of gratitude for the things we have in our lives.
  • The people we have gotten to know, the friends we have made and the people who actually love and adore us.
  • The passion which keeps us dreaming and on our feet.
  • The things we need to do just to keep the momentum going.

I guess the one thing they are trying to say that maybe – it might not make complete sense to focus our lives just on the achievement of one goal such as richness or fame. Life is blessed with richness in various dimensions and it takes a person of a little bit of innocence and romance to enjoy them all. It is a tad foolish to be like a horse with flaps tied around their eyes. Our lives are neither robotic nor are we in a race, we can always stop and smell the roses.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that we side track ourselves from the goal, that is equally important to us. It is all about that fine balance and appreciation that can go a long way.

Well, that’s what our quote critic says when we try and analyse this quote, if you agree or disagree, please leave a note below as to what your quote critic says. Kindly do let us know if you have a treasured quote which you would like to critic on, we would love to have it here 🙂

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8 thoughts on “I Think Everyone Should Become Rich and Famous so That They Know It is Not The Answer – Jim Carrey

    1. Thank you Sangeeta :). I like that this quote has a simple and nice way to express an opinion. Hope you had a great holi :). It was quite fun here getting all decked in colors 😀

  1. Nicely explained. I always like Jim Carrey since the days I watched “Dumb and Dumber”. This quote says the truth of life in many senses… 🙂

    1. Thank you Maniparna. He is a truly gifted actor. You might also like his movie the Truman show which is beautiful made. I also liked him in ace Ventura and Bruce almighty. Truly gifted fella 🙂

  2. Your way of explaining, it makes me more interesting to read ……the way you put in words…..
    Especially ” Our lives are neither robotic nor are we in a race, we can always stop and smell the roses”…

    1. Thanks so much Alex, such a wonderful set of words – it is a matter of huge honor for any writer when we hear something like this. It really made my day, thanks so much mate and happy that we were able to connect to you via this post. Please do share with us your favourites with your thoughts and we would love to make posts on those as well.

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