There will always be people who say you cant do it!

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The doubters said, “Man can not fly,” The doers said, “Maybe, but we’ll try,” And finally soared In the morning glow While non-believers Watched from below.

– Bruce Lee

I reckon one of the commendable achievements of all time has been of the Wright brothers and their invention of the machine which makes our lives so much simpler today. And I can’t start to think about what all were the challenges they had faced while they started this project. The amount of mockery, ridicule, the way people would have made fun of them, laughed right at their face and a lot of negativity as well all around them.

I believe history is a lot more than a mere assumption, it is a lot more about the story of some people who decided to believe that their thoughts were stronger than the factors that opposed them. I am certain that we are subject to a lot of challenges some which can be addressed right away and some which feel seemingly impossible. Hold on to those seemingly impossible ones, they might be the very ones which define you if have the courage enough to take them further. You have a dream and that is the most precious occurrence of its own. Find ways to make it come true, work on it, think about it, breathe it, own it and let the dream own you. History has never been made by a bunch of wimps who did not have the courage to pursue what they believed in. If it were, we would have never heard about them.

I think the reality is always with us, we are the creators of the reality of our own dreams and the people who get to shape as to what those dreams mean to us. Who knows, maybe within us someone holds the secret for the fantasy of teleportation?! Life is an eternally beautiful structure and we get to decide how we can make it. The answer is always within!


People will make you feel like crap, but only if you let them!

Why do people discourage you from your dreams?

What people mean when they say you cant do it?  


13 thoughts on “There will always be people who say you cant do it!

    1. Yea, and sometimes they also fear that we can’t! Even then, the best way ahead is not to listen to them :).. After all our voices do sound a little better don’t they? 😉

  1. Rightly said.
    Everyone is trying to be the survival of the fittest and its up to us whom to believe and whom to not! Always follow your heart and listen to your heart so that the final victory is yours.

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      Trying to resolve the issue. I have done an ad hoc solution now. It seems to be working, hopefully it doesn’t relapse again…

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