There is no greater danger than playing it safe!

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I loved this new video by Nike. I have been a huge fan of their advertising, especially their one line – “Just Do It”. Although this video is a slight aberration from the usual inspirational talks I have been sharing on the site, I somehow could not resist myself from sharing this one. I find it quite witty, a huge attraction for the FIFA fans and of course motivational in its own way.

The plot is pretty simple, it is about the best players of football being replaced by their clones who have a greater efficiency by the books and how the real players get back at them by challenging them to a match. Well, I am sure you can guess how the ending goes but the video is certainly a fun watch.

There are quite a few reasons as to why I like this video, it has got the pure Nike essence in its story, the usual first part where you are met by a challenge, someone or something better than you or apparently so. The next part is the denial for the challenge and how people go into their shells and accept the so called failure by getting on with their lives to do different things. And later comes a person who unites them all, ignites the real spirit of humanity and gets them to the match!

But there is this one line which repeats twice in the video and keeps resounding in my mind – “THERE IS NO GREATER DANGER THAN PLAYING IT SAFE” and the protagonist shows it as the changing moment for the decision and hence the victory as well. I know it sounds like the regular old clichéd stories and the clichéd videos. And I cant really promise you something totally different in this. But I do like how they have advertised this one. Makes me believe that advertising in an industry is not just about showing the same brand over and over again and saying why it is the best, it is about the message it tries to send across to people. And to me what it all says in the end is “JUST DO IT”. After all, actions speak louder than words 😉

And if I may leave with one moral of the story – playing safe really sucks big time!

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