There is always someone to tell you that you are wrong!

There is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. people keep telling me that i am wrong. people keep pointing my mistakes, ralph waldo emerson quotes on people, success and failure in life,

A perfect world would be one where I would do anything I want, everyone around me cheering about every little thing I do, people surrounded feeding us with inspiration and the energy we need to achieve our goals, all the resources working in our favour, there would not be a single naysayer around. Life would be all Hunky dory! Well, that’s the perfect world! After imagining it for a while, I am back to a little bit of reality now.

I have come to the belief that a perfect world never really might exist. I may be right or I may be blatantly wrong but somehow that seems to be a belief which is capable of driving me ahead now. It makes me realize every time that no matter what I do, there  will be problems and challenges, there will be limitations and hiccups sometimes from the external environment and other times from within as well. And I also realize that there seem to be times that I can’t do anything about it either. Well! Nevertheless that probably is the beauty of life.

Amongst the set of reasons I would like to complain about, a starking one would always be about how people around are such morons who would never realize what you are about or what you are trying to do. And I seem to keep meeting such kinds very regularly of late. Maybe it makes me charming that way :P. But I guess when I read this quote, it makes me realize that it is going to be true all through our lives. There will be critics who will always find us wrong, the critics may be our peers, our friends, our family, sometimes our parents and sometimes we ourselves. And it is a very natural course of belief to keep wondering if they are right at all creating self doubt within ourselves which perhaps is the worst deterrent of all.

Then again, I realize they may be true but only to a certain extent, they can be as true in our lives as we let them, but beyond that they don’t have a standing. They don’t make any sense unless we let them. It is easy to fall prey to the external pull in life, but what makes it worthwhile is the internal push. Or like Emerson says, it does take the courage of a soldier to map out a line of action and follow it to the very end. It is going to be heard, people are going to say a lot of things, maybe that’s when we get to realize that we can pretend deaf and if that doesn’t work, we can pretend dumb. They don’t really need to know, you know what you are going to be about and that is probably the only thing that is ever going to matter!


People make you feel like crap, but only if you let them! 

You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing! 

Society May predict but only I determine my destiny! 

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  2. Good post Vinay, but I doubt that there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong, there are some times in our life when we all became lonely and no one will be around to tell you if you are wrong or right.

    • Thank you Alok, its quite possible to have such scenarios as well, but I guess that’s when we start hearing our inner voice. I do agree that loneliness is a very challenging emotion to handle, one of the toughest for sure, but I guess it does come with its own perks. If one knows to handle that well, I guess that in itself speaks of the spirit of achievement 🙂

      Certainly easier said than done though, It is one hell of an emotion 🙂

    • I do agree Ankita, not all criticisms are bad, in theory I do agree to the spirit in which the criticisms are made. My wonder is still about how much we let them influence us. Some of course hold a lot of water and need to be respected and some others neglected and it is always a very thin line between the two.. But I guess, all of them taken in the right light make a lot of difference 🙂

  3. I feel sometimes when you have been told, what you are doing is wrong, pushes you forward to get into it, go in deep and prove your potential. Make things work for you in a better way.

    • True Crimson, it certainly does act as a very powerful motivator and I guess that’s the standing of a criticism , to gear us up all the more, to make us do the things which we love and keep pushing ourselves beyond the limits ..

  4. At the end of the day our conviction that is most important. Some will criticise, some do false praise, others genuinely. We must move on.

    • Thank you Abhijit, it is a delight to hear from you again. Its nice to look forward to your thoughts on a post, it does open up a new dimension of thought.

      I agree, it all finally boils down to the last one – WE MUST MOVE ON! 🙂

  5. Nice but what I have experienced so far is constructive criticism is the one which one should accept because people who only criticize you and gives no suggestion as in to where you’re wrong are the people who wants to bring you down.

    • Thank you Yamini, I certainly agree! There are a lot of empty criticisms out there which tend to distract us from the goal. I guess we have to be a little smart in doing a pick and choose of what works best 🙂

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