The things we take for granted

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I have often been very prejudiced against the policemen ( maybe cos they had stopped me for not having a helmet or not carrying the license and what not). Somehow never felt that connected or the need to appreciate. But I guess something today made me think a little different.

I was outdoor at the ticket counter waiting for some people,  I hear a policeman telling people to stand in the queue for tickets. I was just beside the queue waiting under the burning sun. The policeman approached towards me and raucously said ” stand in the queue” . Offended as I was, I quickly pulled out the tickets  and showed him without speaking a word – Actions speak louder than words right?

Naturally I expected him to walk away but to my surprise he said “why are you standing in the burning sun? find some shade”. I just looked at him with a surprise and a smile, I realized he had no reason to say that nor a need. Sometimes I guess we take a lot of things for granted, not cos we are bad but maybe cos we have been used to a few experiences in the past which developed a prejudice. 

But I guess there is something which is much stronger than all of these, a show of affection, the simple ways people care and the way they show they do, the smiles, the banters and so much more. He need’t have done that, I needn’t have listened to him but what made it all the more special was that we actually did.

I guess there are so many things that people don’t expect us to do, especially when you are a stranger but if you are bringing a smile on to someone and hence to yourself – I believe we are redefining magic here 🙂

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