The Sooner You Make Your Mistakes, The Sooner You Will Be Able To Correct Them: Kimon Nicolaides

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The sooner you make your Mistakes:

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The Sooner You Make Your Mistakes, The Sooner You Will Be Able To Correct Them

I think by now, we have heard and also probably shared a lot of quotes on mistakes. You may even accuse us of talking about mistakes every so often and we are guilty of the same. But that is only because we can’t emphasise the importance of mistakes especially in a world that is trying to be so perfect and trying to point its fingers at someone who makes a mistake so that they can shove the entire responsibility of fault on us and relieve themselves of the guilt. I am not sure why most people do it, but then hey, I don’t understand a lot many things and it probably takes a little more experience and perhaps more mistakes to learn that :D. So without much ado, let us get on the inspirational quote of the day:

“The Sooner You Make Your Mistakes, The Sooner You Will Be Able To Correct Them”

Kimon Nicolaides

The Sooner you make your mistakes: Why People Point Mistakes

Before we get into the same old talk about mistakes and how important they are and philosophically what we should learn from them and so on – I am sure you have heard a lot about it and you are pretty much bored about it by now. So, we will not bore you with that. But we shall try and understand why people have so often tried to be perfect or if not that they have expected us to be perfect and not make any mistakes at all.

  1. Their work depends on our outcomes and they don’t want our work to hamper their progress since they don’t want to answer to their boss as to why they could not do something.

  2. They think that these small mistakes are going to cost you a lot and going to make your life miserable. Not that they don’t care about you, but sometimes they care too much to let you take your own decisions and make your own mistakes.

  3. They want to prove that they are better than you. Or they want to feel confident about themselves and unfortunately there is a large section of people out there who gain there confidence by putting you down. It is as if they are on a look out for the mistakes you do.

  4. They were treated the same way in their growing years. This is a bit annoying but they think that they owe all their achievements to the mistakes that were pointed out by others who tried to make them perfect. Be that as it may, it still is a strong motivation to point out the mistakes to us.

  5. They think that they are perfect and want the same good life to you as well.

  6. They feel a little better by making you feel a little worse.

And so on..

I think we can come up with all and sundry reasons as to why you are wrong and why people like to push it to your face. But it is the society we are in and there are going to be a lot of annoying folks out there, some in the form of peers and some in the form of seniors and sometimes family as well.

But hey, if that is their job, then it is our job to stay a little thick skinned and act and in due time even learn that we don’t have to put up with this hogwash anymore. The mistakes are ours and we completely own them. What we make out of it is a responsible individuals choice. And I think when we talk about the folks who are reading here, I am sure we are conversing with the type who are responsible and responsive about what they want to do in their life. And it is important that we don’t allow many idiots to come along our way and point out our mistakes just so that they want to feel better about their lives.

The mistakes are our stepping stones and we are going to use them to get to our final point. The sooner we make our mistakes, the faster we make use of them, the better we are going to be in our important testing points. And that is going to matter a hell lot more than the ones trying to push us down.

With that note, we end our quote of the day with a note to say,

Make those mistakes, make them now. You might not have too much time or leeway later.

Cheers to this inspirational quote from Kimon which features in our quote of the day for everyday inspiration. Stay tuned in for more.

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7 thoughts on “The Sooner You Make Your Mistakes, The Sooner You Will Be Able To Correct Them: Kimon Nicolaides

  1. Well, I guess that is just a metaphorical. I feel person who does more mistakes, learns much more, than person who never does any mistakes !

  2. This also reminds me of a Zen Pencils comic strip where Gav mentions that the 1st few times you make something it turns out appalling… Staying at something and improving it with time (which includes correcting many mistakes as you mention) is what will eventually lay the foundation for doing something that others will notice.

    Nice post ☺

  3. 5k mistakes..that’s a pretty good number… 😛

    On a serious note, you’ve covered the points well…in fact, people love to point at other’s mistakes but never have the time to look at their own self… 🙂 “They feel a little better by making you feel a little worse.”- that’s very true… 😀

  4. Mistakes are so context specific I feel, especially when we are schooled into believing what is right and what is wrong. That being said, there are some obvious mistakes that make be very wrong and creative trouble, but otherwise, every mistake is a different way of thinking which the larger world does not follow or will follow at a later point!

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