The Power Of Imagination

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“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”

                                                                                               -Albert Einstein

I am sure you have come across people in your life telling you the importance of imagination. There are few who tell its important than knowledge. Maybe yes and maybe no in some cases. It’s said to be an approved blueprint from your mind for an action to be performed. Spare your 2 and a half minutes to watch this video and you’ll see why actually people ask you to imagine more.

Hoping that you have watched the video, I ask you to take a moment and do the signature test. I did it  and it’s fascinating to know how imagination affects a person’s action and never thought the vice versa could also happen.  It was a lot quicker to imagine signing with my right hand. I am sure you experienced the same.

When my parents or teachers stressed a lot on the importance of imagination I wondered if it’s worth imagining. You must be considering me as a fool, right? Not anymore! I do realize it’s importance. Recently I came across an interview by an olympic player. When she was asked about how she prepares for a new move she said “Think and re-think!” She said that she would replay the move 100 times in her mind and practice according to her imagination. She said her brain directs her on which move to take up after the first. That’s how she builds her strengths and beliefs.

I guess we all are clever people. And with that amazing feature of imagination we can imagine wonders happen and actually make it happen. Ever wondered how imagination affects you? If you observe, what you imagine works perfectly. Imagine things will get better and you actually feel better without any result of betterment,on the other hand imagine things are going to be worse with you, you are sure to find things that bother you. Careful with the thoughts you choose to imagine as it is the foundation you are building for the action to be performed.

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9 thoughts on “The Power Of Imagination

    1. Einstein was certainly a very interesting character Priyashi.. Apparently he had a deep understanding of philosophy as well which many thoerists try and connect to his scientific explanations!

  1. You are right Vidyashree..Imagination is the beginning of creation….I couldn’t help thinking about the Avatar movie while reading this post…..beautiful movie….great message….

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