The only thing standing between you and your goal

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Why do we give reasons? 

Maybe to feel better, maybe to keep ourselves from going the extra mile to make something work, maybe we realize it is hard work and this can be a good excuse not to do it or maybe we are too scared that we may fail. Whatever the reason may be, it will always be a reason, some more justified than the others, but that is not going to give you anything in the long run, is it?

What are we trying to achieve? 

Well exactly! What are we trying to achieve by giving reasons? Is it the sense of feeling better, is it the sense of rationalizing our actions, is it just a way of comforting ourselves?

What is the best way to handle it? 

Well maybe just shed the reasons, identify what is more important – whether the reasons or the goal. Deep down we always know the answers and how important each one is in its own scale. Try not to shroud the answers in the realm of reasons, cos we all know what counts in the end, it is definitely not the reasons.

What do we lose by not doing it? 


What do we gain by doing it? 



8 thoughts on “The only thing standing between you and your goal

  1. Yes, change the story you tell about yourself and thus change your history – there’s a whole therapeutic process based on that principle: the Narrative Therapy.

    1. Thank you Matheikal. Oh I was not aware of that. That’s quite interesting. I like the name – Narrative therapy. And also the logic is quite strong – as in most times we wait for the externalities to change and change our lives but to look within and introspect and realize that there is something more to it is always a fascinating feeling! 🙂

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