The Ideal Yatra

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As I sit here today and plan my upcoming trip to Zambia, I am looking at the travel sites across the world, right from lonely planet to trip advisor, air BnB and even the local accommodations which make our plan more feasible. Years ago, the idea of a perfect vacation was a bunch of 5-6 people, a car, a place to visit and that’s it. There was no hassle of trying to book a hotel, no planning involved, it was all on the go – so simple, fast and super fun as well. Not that it was the most effective mode of travel, but it sure made the travel a memorable occasion.

As I reflect today and try to plan an international vacation, I realise that things don’t work that way anymore. I wonder if I have become a bit too constrained or a little tightly wound as I have started to like my vacations a bit more planned. I guess the local travels are perfect and you can rope in an amount of uncertainty you desire, but when it comes to an international destination, planning certainly helps. I guess that is where these travel sites come into perfect picture. I believe the best source of information about planning your vacation are – Trip Advisor and Lonely planet. It is usually a sensible practice to look at the things to do in Lonely Planet and cross reference it against the reviews from the travellers on trip advisor. It gives us a fair set of things to do in that place.

Once we are done with the things to do, our job has just about started since we also need to figure out where we are going to stay. We need to work that out with the budget and identify what suits our needs and affordability the best. Once we are done with that, we also need to figure out the travel including our domestic and international flights. The International Flights International Flights of course can be identified from websites such as and then we could also use the same to figure out the domestic flights as well. And then comes the local taxis or the public transport which we would prefer to use. Considering all these, I guess a planned vacation is easy to achieve.

Well, comparing the two now – I would say the uncertain travel was so much more fun – it had less things to worry about and the whole uncertainty bit made us even more open to enjoy the fringe experiences. However, that would work only for smaller distances where the costs are low and we have enough time and financial liberty to make those mistakes. When you are traveling on a budget, the above steps become the minimum necessity of things to do so that we have a broad plan atleast. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we should chuck the uncertain aspects of a travel. We should be open to those experiences as well because those are the memories which we will carry back at the end of any trip.

But if that is all we have, then it becomes serious trouble indeed. Well, that is the idea of an ideal yatra to me – a broad plan followed by a great amount of liberty to soak in the culture and diversity of a new place as we try to appreciate and welcome the differences and the similarities. Happy traveling!

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