The first penny

It seemed a pretty dull start for the day and I realized I have been bored all day long. I tried the tv, didn’t make a great difference, thought books might do the trick, they didn’t! thought I would meet a few friends, there were none around. Looks like I am narrating a perfect day 😉 😀

Well, thought I would atleast go out, got dressed up, was on the vehicle when I realized – ‘Well shopping might make me feel better! ‘ Went to the showroom, selected 2 tees was there in the billing counter. The cashier said – “Madam 750,”

This is when I opened my wallet and realized there was actually money to pay up. Unknowingly, I sported a wide smile on my face which wouldn’t vanish. I don’t know how exactly to describe it, the joy of shopping? discounts? being High? Well I realized it was the first penny I am saving and the first one I have earned. Have always felt that most times the firsts are often underrated but this is one first which I was not willing to be. I decided not to wipe that smile off my face. Well it was a hard earned smile and I was not going to let a curious look from the cashier take it away from me.

Well it hasn’t been the easiest journey to be off college, waiting for a job and then applying to places where I didn’t really feel like being. But I guess the wait has been worth it. The value of the first penny is definitely much more deeper than words could ever sum to me..

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