The Era Of Super Fast Internet – 4G On The Go!

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It was a couple of months ago when we spoke about the new era of fast phones and apps designed specifically for the phones. It is no surprise that the smartphones have clearly swept the market and the apps sure have made our lives much much easier. My only complaint had mostly been about the network connectivity and the usage of mobile phones on the go for fast use of the internet. In a way I think, we are a lucky generation to have seen the technology in transition right from GPRS to EDGE which later followed on to 3G. And the moment 3G was introduced, I was certainly wowed as I started using my smart phone and was completely swept at the speed in which the downloads happened and the apps were updated. In short I was a happy soul.

Well, I could say that my happiness was a bit short lived when I started experiencing the short fall of 3G with whatsapp calls, Viber connectivity and skype usage for video talk with my friends abroad. I felt that there was somehow seriously lacking. This was never the case with my WiFi. So obviously it had something to do with the network. Well, I guess all these questions are answered with the new wave of technology – Hail the 4G which can provide you a speed of upto 25Mbps over 3G which could promise only upto 2Mbps. Quite a stride indeed.


And as I was checking out my smartphone which proudly promised a 4G sim, I wondered it was still a long time before I could actually lay my hands on the 4G experience and lo behold my questions were answered when I was invited for a 4G launch from airtel and needless to be said, I am definitely super impressed about the same. I love their ad campaign which boldly promises that any phone which can work faster on a mobile internet as compared to the airtel 4G will get a lifetime phone bill supplied for free. Now that is some confidence :).

I love the new range of offers from Airtel 4G and I also like the range of products offered starting from the smart phones with a 4G sim, a 4G dongle and also the 4G wifi modems. Although I really loved the technical promises and the speed, ease of use of 4G, I was a bit concerned about the pricing, cos let us face it, we don’t really want to get a great service at the price of an extraordinary cost right? Well, my fears were surely allayed when the company promised the same data usage offers as 3G on the 4G sim as well with a free upgrade from an earlier 3G sim to a 4G one.Airtel-4G-2

With these many offerings and price advantages, I certainly find sufficient reasons to push from an airtel 3G to an airtel 4G sim or the dongle. No more of the frequent call drops on whatsapp cos of poor network, an ease of use for skype or the booking of a taxi, a faster internet has the solution for it all. Thanks to 4G, looks like those days of waiting for the network to get clearer are going to get a little slimmer. Personally I have really liked the responsible face of the company and to top that an Indian company promising the same. And I only hope to see the same in the future as well. Looking forward to my continued usage on the 4G cos we all know that the internet is only here to stay and a service provider with a faster internet, well they sure have a lot of scope 🙂

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    1. Hi Leena.. Fingers crossed. The speed is certainly a good hope. I just hope that the connectivity also improves accordingly or else the whole effort would be quite pointless if it is not accessible everywhere we go.

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