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The Death Of Fear!

The Death Of Fear Is In Doing What You Fear To Do - Catchy isn’t it? – Death of fear – such powerful words. To be honest, can we find even one of us who has never been afraid in life? Can we spot one who has always done what he wanted to do without his heart palpitating for a second and rethinking whether we should do it or not. If there is someone like that, then I can promise that they haven’t really gone out of their comfort zone in life. And despite all the negative connotation and the phrase death to fear, we reckon that it is one of the most powerful emotions on earth which can make or break success or failure stories in our lives. As we delve further, I would like to refer to our previous number on 11 practical steps to guide you through the journey of overcoming fears. We did talk about a lot of strategies and techniques. The corner stone of this post is going to be about the importance of fear and more importantly how best we can use it to our advantage 🙂

The Purpose Of Fear

I believe there is very less talk about the perks or advantages of fear. Everywhere we go, people talk about getting rid of fear and making sure that it is not going to bother us in our life. I do not particularly debate that aspect, but I would like to understand more about the purpose of fear. In a large design, I believe fear has a very strong role to play.

Before we discuss further, what actually is this fear? What is the meaning of fear and what is its purpose in life? 

Simply stated, fear is a signal, an emotion which occurs when we are doing something for which we are not aware of the outcome. Or maybe we are doing something which we are not completely comfortable and there is a fair chance that things may screw up. And rightly so because let us face it – none of us is born an expert in the multitudes of life. There is going to be something or the other which we are really bad at! And naturally enough we are scared whether it is going to succeed or not!

The Death Of Fear!

The author of the quote straight forwardly says that the death of fear is in doing what we are afraid to do. Quite paradoxical right? – I mean if we are afraid to do something, then how can we think of doing it? To a point it seems a bit absurd as well.

But think about it – the best way out of something is sometimes through the very thing that holds us back. The way forward sometimes is through the things we are afraid of. The reason being that sometimes fear might not be as real as it appears at all. Fear might just be a distraction, a test if I may call it so – a test to see how badly we want a few things in life, a test to see how committed we are about the goals that we define for ourselves. It is very easy to baulk under the pressure of fear, it is fairly easy to let it have the better of us. But then, what is the purpose of fear? What do we do if such a thing happens again?

Do we stay away from it cos we are afraid of it? Do we let it become the bigger demon and dictate the terms of our life?

The last time I checked, we were the ones in control of our lives and whatever happened around us was an outcome and that outcome was based on what we did for our lives and not what we were scared of. 

And that perhaps explains the premise of our thought on fears and how we go about tackling them in life. For they might be as imaginary as we want them to be or as real as we want them to be. And if not for this time, there is going to be another time where this fear is going to be the ugly green eyed monster? The call is completely ours – whether we tackle it now or let it get bigger and stronger so that it becomes more difficult to tackle it later. 

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12 thoughts on “The Death Of Fear Is In Doing What You Fear To Do -Sequiche Comindeer

  1. Death of fear…yes, it’s only possible by confronting the greatest fear. Our mental strength and courage are our best weapons to combat fear.
    Well-written, Vinay, and inspiring…as always… 🙂

    1. Thank you Maniparna :). True, indeed. I think it is all there somewhere, sometimes hidden, sometimes buried somewhere in the experiences of life. But it is really brilliant how it comes out and how we can bring out that special essence of strength.

    1. I think that is wonderful Richa. I have that bug too, once in two years, I would like to pick up something which I am not very comfortable doing. It kinda is a humbling feeling, kinda ego shattering and also a great feeling to learn a new thing. It brings out an adventurous spirit..

    1. Thank you Maitreni :). It is a nice thing to actually go out and do something, to know that we are afraid of this and yet trying it out. It is a great feeling to actually try out something we are afraid of and awaken the adventurous spirit within.. After all it is one beautiful life 🙂

    1. Thank you Tina :). I think fear is an inescapable aspect in all our lives. It is just that how we face it makes all the difference. I don’t think there is any other way out without going through it.

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