The Coupon Era!

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It is not much of a news any more to say that online shopping has become prevalent in India. Especially with those two big titans out there – Flipkart and Amazon who have revolutionized the art of online shopping or rather retail shopping in India. Joining them with big guns are Snapdeal, Pepper Fry, Askmebazaar and so on. Looks like it is an ever growing list in the Indian Market.

One of the beauties of a growing market is that it is on the lookout for promotions and each of these players are on a level playing ground and whoever offers the best product and the best service catches the eye. Well, that was the case a while ago, but now it has become a little more competitive than that and price has started occupying the centre stage and rightly so. Customer surely is the king and he is having a lot more options than earlier.

And how do these big players bait us customers – welcome to the world of coupons. As I was browsing through for coupons for online shopping in India, I came across In short, it is a website with a single goal of providing coupons for your online shopping and has affiliations with major brands like Amazon, Ebay, Yepme, Jabong, Paytm and so on – most of which are the online portals which I have used for my shopping. So when someone says that they have coupons available for these portals, naturally my eyes light up and I am all ears to hear about the discount options they provide and the opportunities we can explore. 

As I was surfing further I was able to find a Amazon Promotional Codes and a few eBay Coupons as well. There sure seems to be a lot of offers available out there and with the amazon prime on offer, I am guessing amazon is becoming more and more relevant of late. A couple weeks ago, I had a few friends trying out the food panda coupons and they did get a few nice deals out of it.

Having said that, I would not recommend going out of your way to shop – we all are pretty clever people and we know what we need. And we also know how to stay away from the marketing traps. But having said that, when there is an offer out there and there is something out there which can offer us a lower price, it would not be the most intelligent decision not to take advantage of it. After all, it is the era of luring the customer in and the best offer has a great chance of luring one in. At the same time, the customer has so many good options out there, it is simply a great feel to make the most of it.

Happy shopping and yes as always we leave you with the thought of due diligence :).

Take care guys.

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