The Best Advice Tony Ever Received

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Tony Robbins has been a great source of motivation for us. The way I would like to call Tony Robbins is as the “fastest motivator.” He is someone who would awaken your senses and get them in action. Oh yeah! He does speak very fast, but it is absolutely worth listening to him.

I always wondered what drives him with immense motivation to motivate others and here is his answer for it. Tony talks about his best advice in life. Watch the video and you are sure to agree with each word of the first 50 seconds.

Excerpt from the video,

“All you have to focus in your life is to find a way to add more value than anybody else does.”

“Be the person who does more for others. If you become more intelligent, more valuable, more skilled then you can add more value to others.”

The bottom line, “Add more value to your life and others lives and the rest of all will take care of itself.”

10 thoughts on “The Best Advice Tony Ever Received

  1. Oh yes..this 2-minute video has so much in store for us. A perfect motivator he is..initiating positive thinking is not an easy job especially when one is passing through a tumultuous stage…Such advice surely does a lot to change the mindset… 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Vinay…

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