#TeachToTransform : DigiLocker – A Digital Locker For All Your Govt Documents

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teach to transform, digilocker, govt of india digital initiative, digital documents for govt of indiaI have really liked how the recent transformation brought forth by the digital era has swept in the Indian Market. If I recall, my first stint of digital presence started with Flipkart and their books delivery home. It was so simple, you could log on, find a book you need, type your address and someone comes to your house and delivers the book. And the best part is that you get it at a cheaper price without the effort of going to find that book. So simple and useful right?

I am really glad to know that that event was just the start of a whole new era to come. And now as we talk about #TeachToTransform, the govt has made some real progress in the recent past. The first directive came in when they said that we no longer need the signature of a Govt officer on our xerox of identity or certificates to prove that they are original. And the transformation has been commendable ever since.


And now, the idea of digilocker where each one of us can create a private profile for ourselves which is about 1GB in space and we can upload all of our original documents there. If anyone needs access to these documents, we can quite simply share our documents and send it through a mail to them. The digilocker also offers a share option to these files which can be directly shared with the person who needs it. I sincerely hope that all the services start using this soon and the govt makes this an alternate mode of documents instead of carrying the paper trail everywhere we go.

That is one act of E Governance I would love to see. I also see that the digilocker provides an option to e sign your papers, meaning that you can easily upload the documents online without the need for any physical signature on the same. So going ahead, all the services like mobile phone service provider, internet service provider, lpg providers, etc start using the digital format, it is a whole lot less headache for people who would like to go digital.

Hopefully this is the dawn of a new beginning and we sincerely promote such ventures for a better quality of life 🙂

Cheers to #TeachToTransform and Digilocker

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