Sushil Kumar: It is a matter of self respect!

We have been hearing about Sushil Kumar and his victory at the common wealth games for some time now. It’s thrilling to know he took just 107 seconds to win over his opponent in the men’s freestyle 74kg category wrestling final. The two time Olympic medal winner has set an inspiring story for us.

Humble beginnings

He hailed from a very modest family, his father was a bus driver and mother was a housewife. He was inspired by his cousin to take up wrestling at a young age of 14. His cousin had to quit wrestling because the family could support only one wrestler. I was very surprised to know that we have a wrestler with a vegetarian diet. I never could imagine a wrestler who actually won a trophy on a vegetarian diet! Kudos indeed J.

Inspiration came at a young age!

He was inspired by his cousin to take up wrestling at a young age. He sailed through the tough times facing difficulties to afford for good shoes, training expenses and other basic necessities. It’s inspiring how the determination to pursue your passion makes you face all the difficulties and work harder.

It is a matter of Self Respect!

Sushil was offered a good few crores to throw oneself down in the world meet finals. That was a lot of money for him back then. He declined the offer and he says It was not a matter of two or four crores. Humari bhi izzat ki baat thi (It’s the matter of self respect!) It’s not only about the money, it’s about standing to your principles.

Sushil Kumar is a fan of Tendulkar!

Sushil talks about being a huge fan of Sachin Tendulkar and talks about the time when he spent with him and recalls his words fondly “’If you want to win another medal then stay as you are and don’t follow these people by doing the things they do”.

I think when we reach a certain stage, there are so many distractions around us that it becomes natural to try and be one among them, ape certain qualities which don’t completely belong to us. But something like this coming from a man of the heights of Tendulkar goes on to show how challenging it is to maintain that originality and why it is respected so much in life.

I guess there is a lot of inspiration behind a man who has done so much for the country and stands tall as a beacon of hope and hard work for us. Cheers to such men of the country!


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  1. Great to hear about Sushil Kumar Vinay, he is such a nice and gentlemen person and the true brand ambassador of India. He deserves many more praise…

    • Thank you Alok. You said it! Indeed, he is such a nice brand ambassador for the country. I only wish the other sports too had a bigger following in this country 🙂

  2. Its nice to see India winning medals and this is one guy whose humility is worth all the admiration.

  3. I watched his interview in one of the sports channel and I really loved the way he was talking. He was using Hindi . I believe celebrities should use Hindi only though they know English so that we can force world to learn Hindi and other Indian languages like Tamil and Kannada.

    heheh personal opinions 🙂

    • He is one heck of a character Nitin :). Very simple and yet very elegant, very few people get to be that, esp when they reach those heights in life.. Kudos to such living giants amongst us 🙂