Success is the Peace of Mind – John Wooden

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The Peace of Mind
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Easier said than done ain’t it? It is so hard to define success of late. It used to be so easy – the answer was pretty simple – money/fame. Maybe that is why an objective world was defined – to make things simple and easy.

On the other hand, if we take the big philosophical question of what success means, life gets a little complicated because it can mean anything we want it to. Maybe that is the whole idea of success after all – it varies from one person to another, their expectations, life style, upbringing and so on!

So, how are we going to side on today’s debate today about success? I am pretty sure there are two factions about what success means. As usual, we make a case for and against the quote and the final call is always yours. Of course with a question like this, the answer seems to be in the high road of the definition of success, but we would love to see how we can integrate the two thoughts and more importantly know what you feel about it.

Success is Measurable!

We have always said – simplify life: So here is one way to simplify life – Assign targets and goals to the definition of success so that you know when you reach it. It is like hitting a bell in a pizza hut when you are happy with the service for there is no easy way to know how happy you are. So sure, goals certainly help that way, they make you realise where you need to be headed next, they tell you what standards are expected out of you. They tell you, how much you have to work in order to reach these goals, they make you aspire for the success you imagine and push yourself to achieving that.

Success is the Journey!

On the other hand, there is a long term view which says success is in the journey. This way – you are happy no matter what. Although this seems like a pretty good philosophy for a happy life, let us stop and reflect a little further. If you are happy with what you have – where is the whole idea of aspiration, where is the essence in striving to achieve something beyond your limits – where is the desire and passion to achieve something in life. In criticism, we can go as far as saying that this is a loser’s way of saying that he lost and gave up in the midst of something because the battle just got harder. On the flip side – you rarely lose!

What is right?

So, what is eventual truth in that case? Should we define success or not? Should we look at a happy life instead.

I personally believe that the answer lies in integration. The short term goals help define the long term path. These small goals help us to know that we are in the right path. But, it is important to know that the larger goals are important and sometimes not achieving the smaller goals can be a good thing. We must be willing to learn from these feedbacks and make sure that the larger one is not compromised, so that it helps us to look at results more sportively without overthinking them. It helps to firmly reflect on where the larger goal is and focus accordingly.

Of course, we all still feel bad when the small goals are not achieved. We certainly have to – but losing a small fight doesn’t necessarily mean losing a battle. The ones that matter can always be won.

Well, that’s where we stand on this quote – please let us know what your definitions are and what your thoughts are about these. Always happy to continue the debate to find out the larger truth.



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4 thoughts on “Success is the Peace of Mind – John Wooden

    1. Thank you Sapana. I think that is the beauty of the definition of success, the way it can define itself for different people. Kinda goes to say that we define what we want for ourselves – Maybe.

  1. …hi all, nothing is right and nothing is wrong…as long as you do not harm others by purposeful intention, others include everything…human,animals,plants,nature,river,oceans..anything and everything that exists…we know the definition for success from human point or perspectives…what about other things that exist..for instance..mining brings job opportunities for us as humans, flows in..we buy stuff..but over a period of time what happens to nature or other living creatures in case of deforestation…..i feel we as humans impose our definition of success on other things that exist……now over so many years we are realising that the very definition of success do not fulfill the criteria of being successful for us humans itself…there are lot ..of differences in opinion…….industrialisation ,capitalism on one hand and hunger, drought , slums, beggars, lack of education and basic necessities for our own kind on other hand will only tell us that we may be so called successful in individual way but …a big time failures as human beings…

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