Stress brings out character

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Stress I believe is a beautiful thing, reminds us of quite a lot of things. Jolting down a few of these thoughts, I was wondering what comes first to our mind and probably what helps most?! I sure agree that the first thought is DAMN! But, going ahead as thoughts settle down, a few more beautiful ones come along….

  • Setting our priorities right, something that helps is how much important the current functionality is, not how urgent, how important- Prioritizing
  • Stress is a great test, it is a great energy brings out a new surge. The question is, what is it trying to say? – What is the message? 
  • Stress brings out the real character/truth. This reminds me of a quote- “When you squeeze and orange, what comes out is Orange juice, similarly when you squeeze a man, what comes out is the Truth” – Wayne Dyer
  • There are always choices- whether to break down or whether to stay strong and face it in the eye? – What is your choice? 
  • Stress creates us, it shapes us, it tests us and in the end brings out a character or a facet of us which we choose to. We can either decide to grow from it or let it grow on us. It is always a matter of choice! 

So what is stress? I guess it is a conscious choice.

Few reco’s on stress management

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4 thoughts on “Stress brings out character

    1. Thank you Easwar. Very true, facing our fears, the only known way to get over them, the only one way to get over anything I think is hitting over the obstacle over and over again!! 🙂

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