Stress brings out character

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Stress I believe is a beautiful thing, reminds us of quite a lot of things. Jolting down a few of these thoughts, I was wondering what comes first to our mind and probably what helps most?! I sure agree that the first thought is DAMN! But, going ahead as thoughts settle down, a few more beautiful ones come along….

  • Setting our priorities right, something that helps is how much important the current functionality is, not how urgent, how important- Prioritizing
  • Stress is a great test, it is a great energy brings out a new surge. The question is, what is it trying to say? – What is the message? 
  • Stress brings out the real character/truth. This reminds me of a quote- “When you squeeze and orange, what comes out is Orange juice, similarly when you squeeze a man, what comes out is the Truth” – Wayne Dyer
  • There are always choices- whether to break down or whether to stay strong and face it in the eye? – What is your choice? 
  • Stress creates us, it shapes us, it tests us and in the end brings out a character or a facet of us which we choose to. We can either decide to grow from it or let it grow on us. It is always a matter of choice! 

So what is stress? I guess it is a conscious choice.

Few reco’s on stress management

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    • Thank you Easwar. Very true, facing our fears, the only known way to get over them, the only one way to get over anything I think is hitting over the obstacle over and over again!! 🙂