What If A Stranger Asks You For Food

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What If A Stranger Asks You For Food?

Would you give a stranger your food? I say yes and I know even you say yes. Imagine you bought food when you have very little money and very hungry and a man walks up to you and asks for food, what would you do? Would you still mind sharing your food?

Here is a good social experiment on asking strangers food. A few experiments might shock you, but the last one will touch your heart.

Didn’t it touch your heart? I almost cried. Only a hungry person knows how other hunger people feel. The ones who had plenty, plenty food at least said an absolute no. And the man who had very little for himself helped the other needy. Isn’t this empathy. It probably isn’t. It is much more than what the word empathy defines. The feeling the hungry man underwent is beyond explanation.

Did you know hunger remains the major cause of death in the world? There are more than 800 million hungry people in this world out of which 1/3rd of hungry people live in India and over 25 lakh of hungry people die in India every year. Does that mean we don’t have enough food in this world or in India? We certainly have enough food in the world today for everyone to lead a healthy life.

What can I and you do? Like this video or my article. Oh! Yes, we would appreciate that but there is much greater thing to be done. Let’s help people, let’s not say no to someone who asks for food. We have enough deaths and disasters in this world already, let’s not be the reason for more death. I feel so bad for the food I have wasted in my life. I was ignorant of the ways I could share food. Every city has at least one organisation which looks after hungry people if not every city at least has one home with a malnutrition kid. Let’s help them. Not because we are generous enough, but because we have enough food to circulate. Let’s feed the needy.

Leaving behind a thoughtful quote by Patrick Young.


“What the people of the world want most and have always wanted is bread and peace.”

– Patricia Young


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