Stop worrying about what others think

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I guess as the society sees a man grow, there are a lot of expectations from him, maybe in the way he behaves, the type of people he interacts with, the demeanor and the way it expects you to be. I don’t blame the society, it is also doing its innocent job of trying to fit in people into itself or fitting the society around the people.

 Somehow along the process, there also comes a thought of SELF as to individually what we define ourselves as. Unfortunately as we do that, somehow the society as a factor comes in. When I have asked a few people including me as to what success means, the invariable answers have been money, car, house, etc. It is all great, a beautiful fancy thing to have in life but what do we define ourselves as? Who are we? Are we this successful people? If so, what is success and what is failure? Why these definitions? What do they actually mean and what are they actually for? Is it solely to fit us in? What if we don’t want to?

Well I guess that probably differentiates people to people. That probably is what is called character. The society is free to think of who we are and what we do and probably even pass judgment on it. Do we let that affect us? Well! Now that is a choice. When I read this quote, it reminds me of the modern parlance of the word “COOL”. Paraphrasing one of the most recent statements I heard – “Do you know what makes me cool? The very thought that I give a rat’s behind as to what you think about me?”. Are we getting any closer? Well perhaps ! 😉

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