Stop Defining Yourself

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Why are definitions so important to us? Why are we so possessed about defining what things are? Sometimes it makes me wonder whether we are limiting ourselves by putting in a constrained line of thoughts. Is there a way we can liberate ourselves from the thought process and set ourselves free. What if we could break the shackles and let it all go and come to the basic line of thought and analyse what the man has to say…

  • Definitions are hard! They are constrained. They bring in a lot of ‘Should be’ ‘Would be’ instead of accepting ‘What is’ which is the truth. Someone very elegantly said, what we end up doing is “We should all over ourselves!” :D.
  • Agreed that a society runs on a few rules and boundaries, but how valid are they? How much of society should play a role in personal lifestyle and personal thoughts?
  • The moment we let someone define us or we ourselves define us, what does it mean. It means I am a set of characters and limit myself to that. What about the territories which I haven’t explored. What if I want to be a musician and I don’t know yet. (Trust me this one I am quite sure, I have certification of quite a lot of people who say I really can’t 😉 )
  • Why is the urge to define? Just cos the environment doesn’t understand an undefined entity with multiple possibilities, why should we? Why should we think only in the boundary? Why not liberate? Why worry about the others’ problem? It is not your headache!

And the moment you stop defining, you don’t die, nothing dies. You live, you live beyond the restrictions imposed, either by self or external. It is that moment where you break away from the norm and live up beyond thoughts. That which gives birth to a new world of passion.


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    • Thank you Bushra :).

      Most times were told think think and define. Sometimes it makes me feel that in the whole process we actually lose the sight of what is really very important. To act and go beyond the limits !

    • Thank you Sheeba. I fell in love with the quote the moment I saw it. Couldn’t resist sharing.

      Sometimes I believe the trend to live to set definitions makes me wonder, if we are limiting ourselves in the thought process itself, the action would be even more limited and the result much more than that!

      Sort of a vicious cycle!!

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