Stand up to the social bullies!

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It‘s the hubbub of kabaddi in the country. The Pro Kabaddi League has just started. I came across this video while watching tv . This 20 seconds video gives a social message along with the promotion. Here is something we can learn.

How often do we voice against the wrong. I mostly felt it was none of my business to tell people what’s right. I didn’t really bother to shout at someone or correct someone’s mistake for riding in the wrong way. As the arrogance of people to break rules grew more my tolerance level started sinking. Now I shout at every tom dick and harry who breaks the rules. They shout back at me, sometimes they create a scene and make the crowd believe it was my fault.

Most of us don’t bother to stop people from doing wrong. It may be littering the environment, breaking traffic signals, smoking in public places… The list goes on. We might wonder what is the use? They would anyway repeat it again. I am sure they are not going to listen to your words at once. But imagine if they come across most of us doing the same. Repeated hearing might at least make think about correcting their mistakes. Don’t you think it’s the responsibility of a citizen? I am not telling you to be a warrior here or shout at every person doing wrong. But when you can raise your voice please do. It shouldn’t be tough to stop your friends and family from doing it.

If you can shout at the man shout at him. It’s not the best solution but better than standing quiet. Try taking the polite ways. This doesn’t show results immediately but its proved to have worked. Lie to them sometimes its OK- Tell them the police is at the end of the road, tell them there is a cctv camera and they might be punished, you can take a picture of their vehicle in the no-parking area and ask them to take it out from there or else you would send the pictures to police. There are ways, you just have to find them.

If you ask me what’s in it for me. I’ll say there is nothing much except a sense of satisfaction of making an effort to stop the wrong things happening around you. And that’s something to be proud of.


8 thoughts on “Stand up to the social bullies!

  1. I appreciate your concern. I had been in the same boat for many years, and have come to the conclusion that people have their own priorities in their mind, and not cognizant to the big picture. Individuals just being a little sensible and watchful to what’s happening around in the local and the global environment will make the whole world better. The challenging part is how do we do this. Should start from primary education, so that at least the next generation is sensible.

    1. Thank you Venkat :). I agree, people do have their own priorities and these issues normally take the last place when it comes to prioritization and solutions. But I guess they are sometimes more important cos without even our knowledge, we are allowing them to take over our own lives and our own thoughts which I think is a little unfair..

  2. Thank you Ranveer :). I guess there is a lot we all can do to prevent the common errors from happening. Social awareness is a fantastic awakening of responsibilty. And nothing ever in the world happens if we wait for someone to do something. I guess we have to make that change..

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