Sometimes you just need not budge!

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7:30 in the morning I was riding my vehicle to work. I love riding early mornings with the least traffic, no irritating horns and no traffic signals. Just as I come closer to a circle I see signal countdown 70, 69, 68, . . Nobody bothered to stop. I was the first one to stop there wondering if I should follow the signal or just move away like others. A man in a car behind me started the unbearable honk shouting “Move, Move….” This is the moment I exactly knew I had to stop. I shouted back at him “I won’t!” I realized how difficult it gets when your signal is green and you see people rushing from the other three sides.

To my surprise even he ended up waiting for the green signal. Now there were many vehicles behind me, suddenly the entire chaos became a streamlined flow! I do agree, I was very tempted to move myself but something that made me stay back was the blatant abuse of the right/wrong by the person behind me. If not for him, probably even I would have run the red light! It did feel good standing up to that man and firmly saying a no. I don’t know what went on through his mind, he suddenly seemed to have an epiphany and wait for the signal to turn green!

Not only did I feel great about my reaction to him, I felt even better seeing his reaction and the others as well. It was probably a feeling of standing up to a bully, maybe the essence of doing something right and the knowledge that it doesn’t really take too much to make things right. Most times I realize that I have ended up blaming people, getting irritated as to why so many of them easily break the law or take others for granted. For once, I feel that maybe it is much easier to stand up for things than simply cursing people. Kinda reminded me of the quote, “For a world to descend into anarchy, it doesn’t take the action of a few bad men, but the inaction of a lot good men!“.

I also guess another line of thought was that many a time, it does come to a dilemma whether to do something or not and then meekly follow the public cos the general thought is that when so many people are doing it, it might be ok, it might be right. It maybe true and it maybe right but it maybe only for the general public but not us, maybe sometimes we need to keep asserting and telling ourselves as to who we really are. I kinda feel like a hero today doing this and probably it is well deserved too. I am not saying that I am going to be a perfectionist, nor would I advise the same to you, but I would certainly look for ways to stand up for myself, even if sometimes it means raising your voice a little 🙂





10 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need not budge!

    1. Thank you Pratik :).. I think we sorta had gotten pissed off with the blatant violation of the rules. And I guess I really have to thank that guy who made me do it, probably if not for him I would have done the same too.

      But, it did leave a great sense of excitement to last for the day. And the feeling of standing up to the belief of what is right is certainly an amazing flow 🙂

  1. So true 🙂 the power of “one’ is something we need to realize. this attitude of ‘what others may think’ or ‘how does it matter to us’ is messing up our own lives in a roundabout way.

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