Sometimes all we need is a slight push

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Lets start by reminding you the days when you are tired and your mind says “Noooooo” to work, I was experiencing one such day. Somehow I felt very tired which was a little strange as I was totally fine in the morning! Thought I would sleep a bit before getting to work and before I knew there was a beep on the phone – “Work” (Reminder in phone is an amazing application you see – always beeps when you don’t want it to 😀 )

I found very hard to convince myself to go for work and started manifesting various reasons to cancel and I couldn’t find a clever one as always. With the unwillingness to go, I got dressed up lazily and left to work hoping the clients to cancel it. With all the rush I reached the place and felt sad as I say them. I somehow geared up the left over spirits and started the work.

Within 15 minutes I was perfectly fine, it happened to become the best 3 hours of the day. I mean where did all the uneasiness go? I couldn’t find an answer for myself. I was as energetic as the other days. This confused me. Was I really feeling uneasy? Was the physical fatigue something real or was it a figment of my own imagination? I am trying to reflect and realize that there have been a lot of instances where I feel extremely tired, especially when I don’t like what I have to do. But this perhaps was the first time I realized how and why! The fatigue probably was real or not, but the clever mind certainly was. I still wonder how true it all was but I realize sometimes a slight push is all we need to set things in order. 


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