Someone actually fell for me! – Embarrassing!

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This incident happened a few days ago. My friend was set to meet a long time facebook friend. He had got in contact with her from a mutual friend for inquiring something. Both of them seemed interested in each other and decided to meet. As her vehicle was at service center she asked me to drop her. I reached her place and saw how differently she was dressed. Of course she was meeting a guy and she couldn’t go with her casual attire. I was pretty impressed by how we tend to dress up our best when we want to impress someone :).

I took her to the café and I thought I would wait till the guy comes. To be honest I wasn’t accompanying her I actually wanted to see him :P. We were waiting outside the café. I was sitting on my vehicle and my friend was standing beside me. I saw a neatly dressed, tall, handsome guy coming towards us. I seriously wished he had inquired things with me!

I tilted my head to get a clear view unsure whether he was the one. Then I turned towards my friend. I don’t know what happened, within 5 secs she was in the pit. Ha ha I actually couldn’t control my laughter. Then I realized there was a pit beside her. I kept imagining her stepping to the pit right next to her while getting a peek at the handsome fellow. I couldn’t control myself, burst into laughter. Then I realized Oh God! It actually happened and she was in the pit and I couldn’t really control my laughter. She looked at me and started laughing too. Almost at the same tone and loudness! Talk about best friends 😛

We had almost forgotten and then realized, HEY THAT GUY IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! Poor fellow he was trying hard to control his laughter. It again hit my mind “Help your friend!” As I stretched my hand towards her I saw him lending his hand to help her. Such a gentlemen he tried to be helping and controlling his laughter. He pulled her up and guess what were his first words? He said “Oh! Someone actually fell for me! I mean literally!” He was so charming I wanted to catch up the entire episode of theirs but the thought of my friend killing me horrified and I had to leave soon.

I returned home all my way smiling and crazily laughing replaying the whole scene. A few of them gave me “Are you mad?” expressions at the traffic signals. I didn’t care. I showed my teeth to them and continued giggling. I guess I laughed the whole evening and I can’t stop laughing even while writing this.

I am writing this without my friends consent ( I don’t know what will be her response after reading this!)Well….If you ask me why I shared this funny incident with you today. Let me say. Of the whole incident something was highly appreciable. It reflected her personality – her laughter. She laughed crazier than me, she laughed at herself, she didn’t even bother what the guy was thinking. The best part -she didn’t even look like making an effort to come out of the pit.

I don’t know what I would have done if I was at her place. I would have climb up as quickly as possible and would have decided to never see the guy again and would have sealed that as the most embarrassing moment of my life and wouldn’t ever have given a thought to share with you guys.

What makes her different from my other friends is her personality. She laughs at her every mistake and embarrassment and shares with us as lovely incidents of her life. She has never ever felt embarrassed for the funny things which happen with her. She laughs at it, laughs louder than us and shares with other friends. It’s wonderful to have a friend like her who says “I feel in the pit! So what? It was fun!” 🙂

She makes me believe that you don’t really get embarrassed by situations, you actually get embarrassed by the way you think of it. She makes me believe that if something funny happens with you, don’t ever try to hide it, it happened with you and you have to enjoy it just like others.

After this incident she inspired me to laugh at myself. I don’t want to feel embarrassed again. I too want to enjoy the funny things which happen with me just like her.

P.S : You are a wonderful friend 🙂