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Little Things: Some Day We Will All Die

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Little Things – Some Day We WIl All Die

One of the reasons why I really like Snoopy and also Calvin and Hobbes is just the depth of the message these small tit bits hold for us and the way they can set us into thought. And perhaps this is another reason to like facebook as well cos there are some people who share some really nice things like this. And this I guess is an undebatable truth

“Some Day we will all die”

There is no way we can avoid that. I guess just like the products we buy, the expiry date concept holds quite good for us too. Not to sound too brash, but I guess there are some factors which we can’t really avoid, some of which are beyond our control and then we are also trained to put these thoughts behind us and look at something bigger cos life is full of so many different things.

And at each point of time, we have so may different challenges pouncing on us. Some times it is about a job, some times about finding the person you love and some times about the breakfast we are going to have. And naturally it is very easy to get caught up in these aspects of life and rightly so because our daily life is equally important and amazing too.

At the same time, there are these grave moments which make us think about the bigger picture or maybe a specific one – the meaning and the purpose and the longevity of the things we do. It makes us get a little grim and sets us into a train of thought, and sometimes into a despair and a rush thinking if the time we have is so limited that we have to worry.

The Truth in This Matter

But yeah, there is a matter of truth in that as well – we all have things to worry about. But how much this worry bugs us is left to us. I am not suggesting us to be like a rock – unperturbed by the things around us. But I do wonder how life would be if we are able to place these worries and the thoughts which put us into a grim mode and make the best of them. We had written about 9 Effective Ways To Stop Worrying and Start Living. Maybe there is some sense to that too.

The Big Problems of Life

The one trick which I found most effective was to step out and look at the thing that is bothering us from a completely outsiders point of view – just like the way we look at someone else’s problem – of course someone we care about. And maybe think about how much it impacts us being in a second person’s shoes. The point is that when we step out, we look at dissociation and towards a solution instead of being wallowed by the problem. Another thought might be to think from a really wider point of view and see how the world or the society looks at it – how the people who don’t really care look at it. Maybe it helps dissociation and realize that there are some really BIG PROBLEMS out there are people are being awesome at handling that.

Maybe we can pull a little bit of that inspiration towards us and look at life in a little more adventurous and a little more exciting way.

Well, thanks to our Snoopy, this is our thought for the day. Hope we could resonate a few thoughts with you. We would love to know what you think and take the debate further.

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