so what if we are nonsensical?

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I guess I kinda like it when people call me a little crazy, wired in a completely different way. I am atleast happy that they are not tagging me as one in the society and the society sees me like a thread. Someone once said very beautifully – Identify where the heard is going, go the opposite way and you will see that there is so much to relish. I like to believe that. It is pretty easy to become one amongst the many, to gel along and to maintain the trained behaviour by the society since it expects us to be so.

But sometimes it becomes a little more important being yourself, trying to define who you are and being a little stupid and nonsensical becomes the most integral part of it. It certainly is a natural thing to grow up and it does take a certain level of unnatural behaviour to maintain who you are, the childlike innocence, the undaunted spirit, the courage to appear foolish infront of a society, sticking to ones thoughts and values, the rebellion who shouts and cries, the one who doesn’t mind laughing out loud in a quiet place…. So many times it becomes so natural for us to be amongst the decorum, sometimes it maybe expected but sometimes it may make more sense to bring out the real you, the one who is not bothered by minor pressures of life, the one who is tried to be covered in a cloak since he is expected to. Maybe once in a while, it does make sense to release him and show him and yourselves that it is a beautiful thing to maintain one’s nonsense in a very sensible world! 


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4 thoughts on “so what if we are nonsensical?

  1. Yes, nonsense is necessary to enjoy life. And being what we are maybe nonsensical to society, but if it is blended with persistence, society also attracts to it, they want to do the same..!!

    1. Spot on Pratik. I think the society is a funny place, your comment kinda reminds me of Gandhi’s quote – First they make fun of you, then they oppose you and then they want to be like you 🙂 .. I guess it is a progressive phase for a progressive society 😉

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