Smartphone, Evolution And The Youth Of India

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evolution of man, evolution in india via technology, evolution and 4g indiaThe last 5 years of technology have been amazing. Smartphones have become even more accessible and they are available for a very low price – as good a price as the basic button phones. If I look back to the first phone I used – I remember an old Nokia phone, pretty heavy and the battery would last a day. And as for the screen size – simply forget it, it was just as small as a match box and the only game I could play was ‘Snake’, the only display was of messages and it had a message inbox capacity of 20 and I had to be extremely selective about the messages I wanted to keep in my phone.

I know I sound very old when I say this, but such was the case and the technology today has undergone a massive revolution and you can do literally everything on your smartphone now, including watching some movies or making presentations for work, checking mails and what not. The list of things you can do keeps increasing by the day and the number of apps is a blessing to many of the activities you want to do in your everyday life. I wouldn’t be very wrong if I say that smartphone has become a way of life of late and we would all be quite lost without our phones!

And as for today’s prompt, we would like to write about how #Technocrats rule our world or how technology has become such an integral part of life. Being an engineer by training, I have always believed that technology is a great way to solve a lot of our problems and make our lives a little simpler. If I look at the transition of communication, we have come a long way from inland letters and cards to skype, internet calls, whatsapp messages, media sharing and what not. The connectivity and networking has become a simpler ordeal than it used to be earlier and you can connect with anyone at any corner of the world with a simple click on your smart phone.

New ideas and smart phone, smart phone and education, benefits of smart phoneThat’s about network, but smart phones have come a long way too to jump into the social enterprise as well. At one end, the entertainment market is booming with lot of applications and internet websites, there are more and more portals to connect people. We have always believed that people are a great source of knowledge and it is a hub that is created through these forums. Apart from these, there are a few real time applications which take you through tutorials and a few websites which talk about education in India. The smartphone usage has become so widespread that we even do out PPT’s and PDF documents on them, we read on them with our adobe reader.

The smart phone technology has found deeper roots to the villages and rural sector as well with the help of government aided projects to improve connectivity and run educational programs. The ease of usage of these phones and the variety of information channels have moved away the barriers of literacy to gain information. And all of this has been possible with the magic of “Internet”. The recent launch of 4G in India on the mobile phones has made technology even more relevant in our everyday life.

So, of course technology and #technocrats are revolutionising our lives and the evolution is on a faster scale and reach with its relevance becoming stronger each day.

9 thoughts on “Smartphone, Evolution And The Youth Of India

  1. Even I remember those days, when we used to play snake for countless hours in Nokia 1100. Crazy old days. But now things are different and as you said, if used perfectly technology can revolutionize this entire world.

  2. Technology and #technocrats have changed our lives a lot. Immense power in our hands and we need to mobilize it in the right direction. 🙂

    By the way, are you out of the station? Asking this as you seem to have become quite irregular nowadays… 🙂

  3. Smart phone and technology have definitely made our lives much better, and complex too. I am amazed with the way how it impacts our lives and still we can’t keep up with it!

    A great description on how we are long way ahead now!

  4. Brilliant article. Technology is changing overnight.
    But as far as smart phones are concerned, though they are making lives easier, I am afraid that they are more often misused…!

    1. Thank you Maliyekal. I agree, I guess no matter how much development we have, there will be those people who act out of their conscious zone and use it for all the wrong purposes. Great information and advantages are available out there. But I guess we can’t do much for the moral consciousness of the ones who use it. It kinda seems to have a bearing on personal responsibility.

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