Smart Work Vs Hard Work: Who Triumphs?

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Smart Work or Hard Work

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Once a giant ship engine failed. To fix it right, the owners called up a few experts, none of them could figure out the problem. The owners had heard about an old man who had been fixing ships from his young age, so they decided to call him up.
The old man walks in with a bag full of tools and started with the inspection of the engine. After some time, the old man reached his bag, pulled out a small hammer and gently tapped. Soon after that the engine started working.
A week later, the owners received a bill from the old man for ten thousand dollars.
Shocked with the bill, the owners wrote to the old man asking for an itemised bill.
The old man sent a bill that read: 
Tapping with a hammer…. $ 2.00 
Knowing where to tap……. $ 9,998.00 


Of course tapping with a hammer was not that of a job to be paid with ten thousand dollars but his years of experience and hard work justifies the bill. Inspecting the problem with the engine was smarter than what the other experts did. The old man must be very smart!

One of the most debatable topics is over the smart work and the hard work. Most of the times smart work wins over hard work but the hidden fact is every smart work has always a background of some hard work. 

This reminds of the time when I underestimate people by saying “How could he bill so much when all he did was a little something.” I think we all have felt that at least once in our lives. Maybe we never tried looking at things from this angle.

 “Effort is important, but knowing where to make an effort makes all the difference!”

Now this makes me wonder how on earth one knows how to tackle something and where to put in all the effort. Well… What are stupid mistakes for? It teaches you all the ways a thing can’t work and when you know that you know the remaining possible ways a thing could work. Maybe, being stupid makes you smart someday.

That’s the beauty my friend. Years of experience, litres of sweat and hundreds of stupid mistakes will help you find a way. And when you find it, you know the right place to put in all your efforts. And when you do it that is where you bring in the big difference in your life.

I know this isn’t a proper justification of whether hard work or smart work is important. But yes! We can never ignore the fact that the proper channelization of hard work has a major chance to create a smart work .

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