“Slap Her”: Here Is How Children React

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“Slap Her”: Here Is How Children React

What would children do when asked to slap the girl standing in front of them. Here is a social experiment on kids reactions about violence and hitting a girl.

Did you hear what the kids say?

“Jesus doesn’t want us to hit others.”

“Because I am against violence.”

“Girls shouldn’t be hit, not even with flowers.”

“Cause I’m a man.”

It’s not only about being a man or not hitting a girl, it’s more about saying no to violence… didn’t you hear? Jesus doesn’t want us to hit others. Yes! Then why do we do it?

We do it to the kids too, we fight with our loved ones and raise our hands in anger and yes the same anger justifies the act of violence for us. We do it subconsciously or more often consciously.

Yes… Everything seems to be justified. And the one thing, you probably forgot to think about was the other person whom you just hit.

Parents lay the foundation stone of thoughts for their kids. How nice to see these young ones fed with such beautiful thoughts. Kudos to their parents.  I hope these children retain the same thoughts throughout their lives.

It feels great to see kids with such powerful thoughts, they remind of our lost innocence. They are here to remind us, to show us that being nice is what everyone wants and respects.

If you are a parent, you are the proud owners of your child’s future.  You are striving hard and we understand how much stress and hard work you are putting into it.  I am sure you are doing a great job at it.

Somewhere with the hustle bustle of  everyday life we tend to not keep hold on the language we use and the actions we do in front of our kids.

Beware of it. Your kids are watching.

It is very important because what they learn becomes a part of who they become.

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8 thoughts on ““Slap Her”: Here Is How Children React

  1. Short… Crisp but to the point. I hope lot of parents read this blog post!

    Children start their life in their own unique way….. And then we grown up come into the scenario and teach them rules… our grown up rules! And one of them is rule of Violence !

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