Sitting Is Bad For Your Health!

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Do You Sit Too Much

Sitting too much is bad. I am sure this is something everybody knows. Why is it bad and what it does to our body? A few of us are aware of this and a few others are yet to consider this seriously. Here are a few facts for you to know. They are surprising, and most importantly informative. Watch this video and when you are done maybe finding a place to sit when you have an option to stand doesn’t feel good anymore.

Take the stairs whenever you can.

Carry a small water bottle to your workplace so that you can get up often to go refill it.

Stand and walk around once in a few minutes… maybe half an hour or once in one hour.

Walk and Talk- I am not suggesting to walk and talk on a busy road.

Drink more water- It’s good to keep your body hydrated. One more important thing is that now you have a reason to get up and walk to washroom.

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When you are at local food joints, prefer to collect your food by yourself and if you have an opportunity, be kind enough to get coffees and teas for your hardworking friends.

Engage yourself in some or the other physical activity every day- It might feel tough to make time for it but realise how important it is. Give yourself that 20 or 30 minutes of exercising time every day.

Make use of your foot more than your phone- If you have friends close by to your place or if you have friends at  workplace and you talk to them in an intercom. Meet them personally and talk instead. A better communication and importantly a way to get some break from sitting.

At times when you are made to wait for something, choose to wait by standing or moving in the premises. Walk and try exploring the place.

Why worry with finding a parking place right opposite to the place where you are about to visit. Stop a little far and now you have plenty of place for your parking and plenty of steps for your walking 🙂

 There are many more to add to this list. I am sure once you try a few of these you will explore rest of the other ways by yourself. Tell us your favourite way to avoid sitting too much. We would love to hear from you and would like to hear some suggestions regarding this topic and we would love to implement too 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Sitting Is Bad For Your Health!

  1. Lol, I usually take stairs only, and take a bottle of 750 ML with me, and use to get it fill for 5-6 times a day too, but still my body shape is such that everyone will say that I usually sit so much. 🙂

    1. Alok you are very fast. Good to see you comment first and of course very soon. Great to know you follow these steps to keep yourself active. And when it comes to body shape, I have to agree, sometimes you can’t help. It’s family gifted. And yea slimming down or maintaining is what we gift ourselves 🙂 It’s tough tough 😀

  2. Yes, I am sitting too much (in front of my desktop) these days. and my mother says the same thing – “sitting too long at a stretch is bad for your health” but what to do… karna padhta hai … 🙂 I do excercise, occassionally 😛

  3. Very true. sitting for long time is unhealthy. It is said that God has given human beings two ends. One to think and other to sit upon. It depends which one we use the most.

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