Should I be happy for others?

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I am happy :)

“I am happy for you” very familiar sentence, right?  But are we really?  Let me admit it. Sometimes I have pretended to be happy for others. How easy was it to say that sentence and it was always easy to hold on a little jealousy, a little envy or try comparing the lives and wondering “How could this happen to him and not me?” My brain must have had a tough time taking the negativity which in order helped me grow a little more jealous, a little more envious and a lot more with the comparison.  Let’s admit it we have all gone through this phase where we have faked “Oh I am happy for you”.

But I guess being happy for others isn’t really a big challenge. It’s a benefit indeed. Gradually what I realized is that being happy for others is easier than dealing with the negative emotions; we need not stress out our brains, think unnecessary or worry. We get to be happier, we improve our relationships, and we can fill our lives with positive emotions, positive feelings and positive people all around which in turn is the best for us.  Stopping the negative emotion leads to immense happiness and as Victoria Moran said we can spend more time being happy and appreciating others makes us realize how amazing as a person we are 🙂



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