Satyameva Jayate: A Real Man, Mardangi

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Satyameva Jayate: A Real Man, Mardangi

The much spoken topic, the topic which comes in limelight very often and fades away gradually.  It has been a tough battle for the Indians to fight against the misconception of “Mardangi” (A Real Man) Curious with the exact meaning of this word I turned on the dictionary , and this is what it had to say “ Manhood“

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Satyameva Jayate: A Real Man

Today, Satyameva Jayate’s last episode, talks about the violence streak of men, what gives birth to the violence streak in a man and what leads to its development. We are brought up in a society which abides by the words ‘family is an institution’, the great message of gender biasing starts right from the same institution. The same institution which had to impart him with the basics of humanity is teaching the basics of “How to be a man?”

Bringing you the highlights of the show with a little extra feed.

Amir started the show by asking what defines a real man and people came up with interesting answers. One said, “it’s the way how you respect women.” The other said, “being a protector defines man”. A few more came up with answers like “Strength defines him”, “One who is sensitive” and never to forget the most common phrase “Mard ko dard nahi hota (Men is the one who never gets hurt) He tried  matching the answers with the women. None of them matched. It’s not that women were trying to put down the men, they were just talking about their experiences as 90% of the women face one or the other kind of dominance or violence by men in this country.

 Did You Know?

Religious riots- About 100 people die in religious riots every year.

Domestic violence- 70% of women in India are victims of domestic violence.

Ragging- Every year the ragging helpline number receives 5 to 6 lakh complaints.

Rape- India records over 24,00o rape cases over past a few years.

These are the number of recorded cases. Imagine the ones who don’t register complaints with the fear of something or the other. Isn”t it a shame for us to know the country we live is doing injustice to the mankind. Isn’t it all inhuman behavior?

What Can We Do?

I know, most of you reading this don’t do things like this, which puts your human in shame. But we come across those lot many who do it. We are not asking you to go to them and preach about women rights. But if you do that, we appreciate you. The easiest thing we can do is to stop entertaining them. Let the men not entertain the other man who ill-treats his daughter, wife or girlfriend. Let the women not tolerate the male domination. Lets show them our dislike when he ill-treats others. Lets talk to him about how nicely women should be treated. Let’s try the small steps which are very easy to start with. Let’s first build that thought in our minds to see a woman as a human, just like we see the other men.

Did The Movies Spoil Us?

For a media which influences the major population, it has to be much careful on what it is trying to convey. I loved the Bollywood bit of the show which highlighted the way how media portrays women. Mostly like an object. Not all the movies or shows but most of it.

 Its good to know that the actors who have such huge fan following are coming up to raise voice against gender  biasing recently #VogueEmpower: Boys Don’t Cry came up with a video which talks about the much believed line “Boys don’t cry” And why the boys don’t cry? Well people around us have an answer for this.

Amir khan apologized for the way the movies portray women and he promised to deliver the letter to as many actors and movie makers. He asked “Should our films stop portraying women as an ‘item’ or an ‘object’?”  You can support this campaign by giving a missed call to 1800 – 833 – 4006. Your one miss call can change the mind of a movie maker.

Let us not consider this issue as a men or a women problem. lets see it in the wider perspective and fight against. We are blessed to have born in a country which has such amazing cultural and traditional values. Let’s not mix the gender biasing with our cultural or traditional ethics. Its all what we created. Let’s battle it out. Let’s battle more to give back to the country which has given us so much.

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5 thoughts on “Satyameva Jayate: A Real Man, Mardangi

  1. I watched the show today. I am quite glad that I did it. I acknowledge the fact that these shows can go a long way in educating our society at large. Such shows and discussions should be promoted on a larger scale and community radio has a potential of playing a very crucial role. It can reach people at the very grass root level, panchayat, village level.
    All we need is to be aware citizens. This single quality can go a long way in building the nation of our dreams. Demagogues would not be able to take advantage of the ignorance of the citizens/ public.
    Menaces like corruption shall automatically be taken care off.
    The onus of nation building lies on me, the Citizen of India- not to do wrong and not to see wrong happening in front if my eyes , to keep my eyes and ears open, to be responsible for my every act.

  2. I haven’t seen the show but i agree that movies have a role to play especially in a country like ours where a large population who may not be educated or literate to know violence against women I crime but have easy access to Bollywood. Its not about women being shown as an object but many films show women being exploited, lewd remarks made by the main actor even songs on these. The entire way of depicting a woman is diseased. Thus I loved when NaMo made a statement saying it has to start in every home, parents make their sons equally responsible as daughters and all of it will be a good start to the cause.

  3. “We are blessed to have born in a country which has such amazing cultural and traditional values. Let’s not mix the gender biasing with our cultural or traditional ethics. ” Very Very True. But unfortunately very few among us remember that.

    Very sad that the show is over and I am just eagerly waiting for the next season. Really one of the best TV shows that stands out.

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