Satyameva Jayate On LGBT – Food For Thought

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Satyameva Jayate On LGBT – Food For Thought

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Satyameva Jayate On LGBT – Food For Thought

The ones who watched Satyameva Jayate will agree that the topic was a sensitive one for a country like India. Protests and talks about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) are almost considered an offence here. Respect to the team of Satyameva Jayate for making an episode on this.
It was in 1860, section 377 of Indian Penal Code was enforced calling it as an act against the order of nature. 154 years passed, but it is still a taboo in India. Ironic moment was to know that the law enforced by British India rule in 1860s was removed way long back in Britain, but we still continue to carry on. We have chosen different laws and regulations for our convenience then why are we holding back to make a change here?

Is Sexual Preference Individual?

Do you like the kind of men or women your friends like? Neither all men like same kind of women nor does women like the same kind of men.
For me, or for anyone of us it is very particular when it comes to choosing a partner. In fact, we have a list of qualities they should match up to.
When we are so keen on particularities even for small things like habits or appearances don’t you think we should have a choice to choose the way we want to live, depending upon our sexuality?
We have all grown up to a level to appreciate every person’s choice in different aspects of life and we can definitely appreciate the choice of LGBT to live a life based on their sexuality.

Oh, Did You Forget Diversity?

We are a nation of different cultures having 6 plus religions, 29 states, 7 union territories, 22 regional languages. We are proud Indians, popular for the theme of unity in diversity. We have the ability to respect people with a diverse background. Why are we holding back when it comes to respecting LGBT people?

Is it Natural?

There are thousands of researches to prove that the tendency to act against the defined gender is absolutely normal and not self-made choices.
If you look at the animal kingdom, many animals exhibit homosexual behaviour. For some animals, being homosexual is an evolutionary advantage in itself. Humans are the more evolved species, aren’t we? So why should we not accept this?

Why Is It So Hard To Accept?

of course, it isn’t ‘NORMAL‘! Well is it?
We haven’t seen it much so it’s naturally abnormal for us. But why haven’t we seen it much? Well… we have been suppressing it! That’s the truth! We don’t give them a chance to live.

Wasn’t being an entrepreneur considered abnormal? Wasn’t a love marriage considered a taboo once? We have been battling long time against misconceptions of people in the society who gave us a definition of what being normal means!

What About The Bad Experiences We Face?

Just because a few of our experiences have been bad with LGTB background it doesn’t mean that everybody is bad. There is greater no. of bad people when it comes to straight men/women.
Individuality and individual choice is a no way related to their character.
So I think its about time we start treating people based on their character irrespective of the choice they make in their life.

What Are The Misconceptions And Myths?
  • Homosexuality is a mental illness.
  • Homosexuality is a sin.The LGBT Community promotes an alternative lifestyle.
  • The LGBT Community promotes an alternative lifestyle.
  • Children raised by same-sex couples end up with bad upbringing.
  • Homosexuality is just a phase.
  • Homosexuals turn everybody else in the friends zone into homosexual.

How Can I Help Them?

If you want to be an activist we respect you. You are on the right track to help LGBT people to lead a normal life like us.
Please say no to the cheap comments and jokes your friend makes. You are unknowingly insulting them. I have laughed at jokes in movies about them and I feel ashamed to have done that and I pledge not to encourage such things around me. You too can take a pledge.

Treat them just like everybody else. They deserve it.

Join SatyamevJayate’s MumkinHai campaign. Give a missed call now on 1800-833-4003 and pledge your support #FreedomForLGBT.

If you ask me, does giving missed call help? I say yes!
If you watched the later episode of Satyameva Jayate, Amir Khan mentioned about the episode of road safety, how the response of missed calls brought hope and strength to the minister in charge to bring a change.

If you still feel giving missed call doesn’t make a difference.  Then ask what else does? What better can you do?

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