Saina Nehwal: You Can’t Let The Lows to Dampen Your Spirit.”

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Saina Nehwal: You Can’t Let The Lows to Dampen Your Spirit.”

The world No. 1 Badminton Champion Saina Nehwal is the emerging star of inspiration for all of us says, “When I joined the sport, I never thought of becoming world No. 1. It was only my mom’s dream who would say, ‘Saina you have to get an Olympic medal for me. That’s it. Not world No. 1’. But today, I feel like ‘Oh my God, world No. 1. Obviously it’s huge.”

Obviously it’s huge! It’s a huge news to the country as well. She is the first Indian Woman to have conquered the title of No.1 in Badminton.

Saina Nehwal- You Can't Let The Lows to Dampen Your Spirit.”

Here is a list of achievements with mostly being the first woman in accomplishing.

  • First Indian to win the World Junior Badminton Championships.
  • First Indian to win a Super Series tournament.
  • First Indian to win a medal in Badminton at the Olympics.
  • And now, first Indian woman to be ranked No. 1 in badminton.
  • Winner of the Arjuna Award ( An award awarded by  government of India to recognize outstanding achievement in National sports.)
  • Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna ( India’s highest honour given for achievement in sports.)
  • Padma Shri  (fourth highest civilian award in India.)


Ask her what’s her principle in life and she answers with mere 2 words. She says it’s “HARD WORK.”


Ask her how she balances her success and failures, she keeps her answer with simple words, yet a deep thoughtful lesson attached to it. She says, “You can’t let the highs make you feel overconfident nor can you let the lows be a reason to dampen your spirit.”


And if you ask her on how easy was it to make it so big, she has bundles of experiences which sum up to this, “I was written off by many as someone having mediocre talent. I faced a lot of challenges while looking for someone to coach me. I was rejected by many who thought I was lacking in talent. I am thankful to Almighty that he gave me parents who are my pillars of support and have struggled a lot to give me the life I am leading today.”


The more you try to know about the journey of Saina the more she leaves you inspired. Saina started her training at an young age of 8. She was brought up by her parents who were both badminton players themselves. To come from a middle class family and bare the training expenses isn’t as easy as it sounds. But the family encouraged and supported her with whatever they had. That’s how the journey of a little girl started towards Olympics and today being called the No.1


She admits that there have been times when she didn’t have life outside badminton and days with vigorous practice of more than 10 hours. That’s what she means when she says her principle in life is to Work Hard. Something along with hard work which also helped her be on the top was the strong optimism and mental fitness.

Today if we look at what the 25 year old has achieved, it installs motivation in us.

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  1. Such a nice post Vidyashree. Glad to read your post once again after so many days 🙂 Unfortunately I was busy with so many things that really did not getting the time to visit 🙂

  2. I love playing badminton too and this inspires me to train my daughter to become Saina in her time 😀

  3. such sports persons would have received the adulation they deserve in any other country, here only cricket matters.

  4. It is indeed motivating! Thank you for sharing in detail. I would be glad to know if it brings any change in our country. If more girls start taking up sports like badminton after Saina’s success and that would be real celebration of her achievement.

  5. Excellent Article Vinay. As an Indian I am very proud of her for putting us on World Map. In India she has not received the applause she deserves. People in India are cricket crazy despite it being played in only selected countries.

  6. Saina is simply superb in court. Great determination!
    Highly motivating piece Vidhyashree..

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