Safety First!!!

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Safety first!!


I saw this beautiful photograph at a place I recently visited. Undoubtedly this was something which caught my attention. The photograph took me back to the memories of a few years ago when I was deciding whether to quit my job or stay with it. It is not the easiest decision to make when you are getting a secure package at your hand and to add to that you are not very sure of what next.


Well I guess some would prefer to give it a name and call it fear, some would rationalize it, but for me it was always the craziness that counted a little more than the sanity around me. I remember someone saying

There are enough and more sane people in the world, the world desperately needs some insanity!

It is fun to read the quotes and try to relate to what is happening in our lives. And sometimes they are conflicting. Considering taking the risk we have a beautiful statement which says

 “A ship is very safe at the harbour but it is not for which it was built”

At the same time we have a conflicting statement which says

“A bird in hand is much better than two in the bush”.

So what do we believe in? Whether we associate ourselves with the ship or the bird situation? I think there always is a moral dilemma as to what to choose and how to go by.


In that case what is the answer? I guess it is pretty simple, look at what you want, look at how strongly you want it and start making it work. It is never going to be easy but it always is going to be fulfilling. As for the risks – whether we should take them or not? I believe in taking a few cos they somehow have started to define me now. I think it always boils down to a choice. 

13 thoughts on “Safety First!!!

  1. Have you seen monkeys jumping trees?
    They say, one has to let go of a branch to catch hold of the next. You can’t swing with both hands firm on branches.

    One more irrelevant quote… 😉

    Ships are safe in the harbor. But that’s not what they are made for right?

  2. This reminds me of Wachowski Brothers’ same statement (almost) in their 1st sequel of The Matrix : Neo says – “The problem is choice”.
    Not surprisingly, he always makes the wrong choice (correct ones according to him, always following his heart, wrong ones according to us, the viewers, as it never is rational and materialistic in saving Zion directly). However he is the first “The One” (contradictory ?) to save Zion without its complete destruction !
    In short, this is like a brief epitome of The Matrix Trilogy 😛

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