Was Sachin The Right Goodwill Ambassador to Rio Olympics 2016?

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Rio Olympics

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Sachin Olympics 2016 Goodwill Ambassador

It is indeed a great honour to be a country’s goodwill ambassador, especially for the games as coveted as the olympics. The name Sachin has always meant a lot to the fans of cricket. Outside of that, it has also meant a lot for every Indian. Personally we have been huge fans of how he has conducted himself on and off the ground and the business was always the business of the game. A simple no nonsense guy, constantly focussed on his straight drives, the cut shots, the distance between his pad and bat…

Its really a nice feeling to know that Sachin is selected to be the goodwill ambassador for Rio Olympics. Of course there is a fraction of people who are going to contest.

Was Sachin the right choice?

I think I will be too small a person if I ask that question. Nevertheless, I guess there are some raising questions as to whether there were other people – maybe someone who had achieved in the previous olympics. There is also a fraction who ask – Cricket has never been a part of Olympics – so why is a cricketer chosen as the goodwill ambassador for Rio Olympics? It hardly makes any sense!

Maybe all of their arguments have a bit of logic. But the way I see it, an ambassador needs to be about the sport, their international presence, the kind of personality who people look up to and can convey a great image about the country – a person who knows what it takes to be a sportsperson and respects his fellow comrades. A person who appreciates and upholds the values of the country and how they translate into the attitude we have in view of our competitive spirit.

So, for the question – Has sachin any experience in Olympics – Maybe not. But does he have enough to make him the Goodwill ambassador for Rio Olympics. You decide!

6 thoughts on “Was Sachin The Right Goodwill Ambassador to Rio Olympics 2016?

  1. ..hi all,…i guess if there are certain guidelines for being a goodwill ambassador for olympics….then whoever meets those guidelines can be the ambassador…..it should that simple as possible…coz we are a nation wasting time in unnecessary arguments instead of worrying about much more vital issues…

    1. I agree Deependra, I guess Sachin definitely fits in the ambassador part. I would certainly like to know what the other required parameters are to be selected as a goodwill ambassador. That would have added more value to this post. Will try to search it up and add them here.

      I like the last point you made, wasting time over unnecessary arguments.Although I do like arguments, I firmly believe that something productive should come out of them. If not, it will be a simple waste of time. However if we are gaining some knowledge or insight frm it, then these arguments are very much a necessity to rethink over a few things .

  2. Sachin is a well-known name in the world of sports. Of course, cricket has never been a part of Olympics, still I think his name is associated not only with cricket. He represents this country as well.

    1. True Maniparna, at this stage, I think heis one of the best people to represent sports. Maybe atleast this way, people will start recognising the other sports as well. Maybe the fame slowly translates into others and we all start taking other games seriously.

  3. Sachin Tendulkar is easily the most popular global sportsperson in India. Tennis players, soccer players and those of other sports know him well.

    Yes, as you pointed out, it makes more sense to have someone associated with the sport, but Sachin’s presence will increase viewership, even among people who otherwise are not engaged with Olympics. Let’s see how it works.

    1. True that Vishal. I like that you made the point about increased viewership. Sometimes it all boils down to a thing as simple as good marketing and I guess in such a scenario, if we are able to get more traction towards the other sports, then nothing like it 🙂

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