Sachin A Billion Dreams: First Look of The Trailer

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A Billion Dreams:

The name itself sends a sensation to the hearts of many cricket lovers out there. For any Indian cricket supporter, it is very rare that you are not impressed by the sheer class and elegance this man brought to the game of cricket. Whether it was his straight drives or the silent nature or his pure dedication, time and again seeing him bat made me feel that cricket sure is a gentleman’s game. And today as I see the trailer of Sachin, a billion dreams, it leaves me with a conflict of thoughts.

I have always enjoyed seeing Sachin bat on screen. I have loved watching him on the interviews and see him carry himself so well. It was one of the reasons why we came up with our 10 real life quotes from Sachin Tendulkar. It truly was a matter of absolute pride when we made that post and I have been a constant admirer of this man ever since. And as I hear the news today that the trailer is out, I am a bit excited and at the same time a little anxious as to how the movie is going to be done.

I think it is always the case with biopics, there is a tendency to make gods out of our heroes in order to satisfy one sect of people and there is a tendency to downplay some of those achievements which has made him truly remarkable. To be honest, I would say it is quite a challenge to be in the director’s shoes for this movie. Now, these are my thoughts before watching the trailer. Now as I watch it,

I really like how the trailer starts, the image it sets – It starts with a beautiful life about being a person than being a cricketeer. It starts with an epilogue which says – “It is one thing that you have chosen cricket in life, but it completely another thing as to who you become as a person”. With this teaser, I must honestly say that I am quite intrigued to see where the movie is heading and how it will shape up. I am also curious to know whether it will be just about cricket or the story and how it unfolds.

Being an absolute movie buff, I might act a little hard to please, but I sure am very excited to know more. Well, that is as far as my knowledge goes about the movie and the speculations as to how it is going to be. Please do weigh in 🙂

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  1. Awesome trailer. Gave me goosebumps. It definitely looks promising 🙂 And that kid Sachin is super cute.

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