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It wasn’t very long ago when we wrote our post on the 6 Types Of People Who Advice Us and we had also debated the 10 things you have to be careful about when people advice you. It is kinda nice today to see #Sachchiadvice trending on twitter today and we were quite curious today to know the kind of real advices people have received through their lives and the impact they have made on them.

We did find an interesting set of tweets about #Sachchiadvice and some of them were really very inspirational. But some of them seemed a bit repetitive though very inspirational, it felt that we had read them somewhere earlier. In this collection, we have tried to select the best 5 such tweets on #Sachchiadvice, the real ones which people have received. The trends say that these advices made a great impact on them, but we did find the words so powerful that they sure can make an impact on us.

And as we always say, advice is free and unfortunately there is no listening cost ;). So without much ado, here are the 5 inspirational #Sachchiadvice for the day from people amongst us 🙂

  • Just Make Sure You Are Not Saying No To Yourself

Dont say no to yourself

  • The Grass Is Greener On The Other SideGrass is greener where you water it

  • Invest In RelationshipsInvest in relationships

  • You Have To Be Responsible For Your Own ChoicesResponsible for own life choices


And finally to end this, one small piece of advice from us

“Make mistakes but make them quick 🙂 “

Perhaps this is the best one I have personally received. Especially in a tightly wound society where everyone is trying to blame a fault on you, there are very few people who are going to encourage you, esp the ones who know the importance of mistakes and how they nurture our developments. Such ones are very rare to find and the moment we find them, it is hard not to listen to them.

Well these were our favourite and realistic tweets on #Sachchiadvice, we hope to find more through the day and update accordingly. Which one do you like the most?

PS: The content is inspired from aforementioned people on twitter. If however you wish your content to be removed from here, please let us know and we shall oblige right away.

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6 thoughts on “#Sachchiadvice – Top 5 Tweets, Advices To Make Your Day

  1. Interesting set of tweets indeed. I liked the first one most. We often do it…for the sake of satisfying others or not to hurt them, we say no to our own emotions and desires….

    1. Thank you Maniparna :).. True. I think somewhere we need to draw that line and say what is important and what is not, we also need to decide who we let in and who we dont. After all, life is way too precious 🙂

  2. I don’t usually read lifestyle blogs, but your blog is really amazing, you’ve earned a new reader. Keep up the good work Vinay! 🙂

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