Robert Vadra Snaps, Are You Serious?

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Robert Vadra Snaps, Are You Serious?

Well I was looking at the news today and was quite surprised to see that it makes the centre stage of the highlights today. As we know Robert Vadra is being questioned or put under the scanner for the land dealings in Haryana. To my knowledge, the investigation is still in progress and naturally press is very interested in knowing about it. When Vadra was questioned about his land dealings, this is how he responded.

I understand that there is something called media behavior, the way a person responds to the questions put forth by a reporter. But this is perhaps not the best example of it anyway. But still, there were some things that did set me thinking when I watch this video

The Issue

Of course the issue is that Vadra snaps at the reporter, pushes the microphone away. I get it, he was angry and he pushed the microphone away. And this certainly becomes a big issue because it was considered to be an assault over the press.

Why was this an issue?

It was not that he hit him or threatened him. It was quite clear that he was mighty pissed with the line of questioning. And thinking about it, I am sure he would have been fed up of people asking him the same question over and over again. I am not in support of Vadra here, nor am I in support of the press and the way they questioned him. But all I am asking is that it was two people, it was very clear that he was absolutely angry with that question, but why was there a need to probe into it further even after touching the nerve?

I understand that a person in front of the media needs to show restraint, but what about the press?

I agree that he should perhaps have not acted in anger with the press. We are all expected to keep faces. But what was it that Vadra did? Did he tackle the man to the ground? He pushed the microphone away, he was angry and did not want to answer it. That’s it! I understand that the press is doing its duty in collecting information. But isn’t there a slight difference between that and actually doing the investigation? If someone doesn’t want to answer a question, doesn’t it become the responsibility of the person to move away from the question? Doesn’t that fall under the code of ethics for the press?

Why Vadra was wrong?

I don’t know how it is with Vadra and the land dealings. None of it has any proof yet. The issue is hot and political parties are involved which makes it even more sensitive. Being a person of that stature, probably Vadra should have understood that this was on its way. Instead of getting angry at a question, he could have easily smiled at it and said that investigations were in progress and the true results would be out. Or he could have said that it was unfair to investigate a person on media without proper information. Or he could have denied answering the question and closed it off. It was uncalled for to show his anger on the press with a brash action like that.

What screwed up things further

Well, it was one thing to act like a normal person in front of the press and it was completely another thing to use force against the reporter and that is where it all went wrong. Being a person at that stature, he could have simply neglected the issue and moved on. There was no need to respond to it. Instead he sends the security to delete the footage. Why would anyone do that? Why couldn’t he have requested them to do that? Why the use of force at all? I mean, if you are angry you use force? Is that all? Is it something for which people can be sued for? I would certainly think so and I would certainly hope so. It is time that we evolve beyond these primitive responses!

What did the congress say?

This was perhaps the lamest of the excuses I have ever heard. They said that Vadra did not know that it was a press questioning!

Come on! We are not babies with feeding bottles. We know what it means and I am really ashamed that they could not come up with a better answer. A simple apology would have sufficed. Everyone understands that in a fit of rage he acted like that and it is something which can be forgiven. Why is it so hard to take responsibility for an action and apologize for the same? It doesn’t make a person any smaller? Why does one need to have a larger than life image? Isn’t simplicity an art of leadership? Isn’t just accepting what you have done and making amends to it is what makes you a person? Why the drama at all?

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No wonder the press is angry. If someone gives such lame reasons, I would be too.

6 thoughts on “Robert Vadra Snaps, Are You Serious?

  1. Thank you Prateek :). He he, you should have seen the runs and reruns of it. The news kept flashing and the entire snap was shown for more than 2 Hrs in every news channel I could switch. He he 😀 😀 >..

    I guess he was in his rights to ask that question, but then I think he could have probably backed out when he realized that the other guy was handling it in a a very irate manner. I definitely don’t support vadra’s actions, esp when he asked his security to delete the footage. It would have been so much simpler and sounded more responsible if he had just apologized and said that it was the fit of rage.

  2. What did the congress say?

    This was perhaps the lamest of the excuses I have ever heard. They said that Vadra did not know that it was a press questioning!

    Its really funny that congress gave this clarification

    1. He he.. It was the most insane justification I have ever seen Anita :D. The glaring mikes, the cameras.. He he, I wonder how they can assume that people are stupid and buy everything they say. I don’t even know what the point was in saying that. I found it utterly hilarious though 😀

  3. Lol, Vinay you can see clearly that it is a reaction of a frustrated guy… The way Rahul Gandhi is trying his hand in making India a Congress Mukt Bharat, I am doubtful soon Modi jee will make India a Damad Shree Free Bharat 🙂

    1. Ha ha ha ha 😀 .. I am sure they are getting closer to it day by day and not by inches but by miles together. They seem to be finding new heroes together and the entire thing seems to be falling apart in different ways 😀

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