Roadmap to achieving your dreams

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I found this fantastic picture when I was searching about dreams, passions and how to go about achieving them. There is something about this that made me stop, maybe it was the use of the drawing, maybe it was the message or maybe it was the way a single image can portray so much about you and me and our real goals of life.

Like we all know, success is not something which comes to you right when you start something. It takes a lot of steps to reach there, it takes a lot of hardships as well and it takes more than you are comfortable with to get to the real success in life. And to achieve that, we all face these stages at some point in our lives and we find a way to deal with them. let us see where the roadmap leads us!

1) I WON’T DO IT! 

Well it sounds hard, it sounds like hard work and I don’t think I am up to it, there are so many challenges I have to face and so many hardships I have to go through. So let us not bother going about this whole headache!

Well this is the phase we are giving up, where we don’t want anything to do with it. But this is also the phase where we decide why we want to do something if at all we want to! (I don’t know what I want to do with my life!)

2) I CAN’T DO IT! 

Well this is the second stage where you want to do something and you start doubting yourself. You have no idea whether you have it in you to make it there and achieve what you want to. Many tend to give up here telling themselves that they are not cut out for this or some other people told them that they can’t! (There is always someone to tell you that you are wrong!).

This is also the stage which tells you how much you believe in yourself and what you are willing to go through to make it happen!


Well there is a slight corner of your brain which tells you how wonderful it would be to do it, how wonderful it would be to reach success based on your dreams. There is this small desire which is about to become your passion, your dream and your life till you achieve it and make it happen. This defines the very reason behind your approach towards the goal! (Repeated screw ups don’t make you an idiot!)


I read this wonderful quote somewhere, “If you figure out the WHY in LIFE, the HOW will automatically appear”. I think this is perhaps the easier phase of the roadmap to achieving your dreams in life. There are people who have done it, there are websites which can fill you with any information you need and there are professional agencies to help you out with any info you need. This is really not something you need to worry about!


Well! This is one phase which I really like. This is where you actually set yourself into action. This is where you are setting yourself to action, to achieve something and this is the one thing that is going to define how close you start getting to your dream.

6) I CAN DO IT! 

Well you obviously can! Otherwise you would not have come this far in life! There are a lot of people who doubt you, who question you and who even tell you how incapable you are to do something. But only one person decides what makes the difference and that is you and your one belief which says you can! (Society may predict, but only I will determine my destiny!)


I love you when you say this! This is the stage where you transform your interest into a passion and the true definition of a dream. This is the stage where you decide you are not going to let anything bother you in life and you are not going to stop at anything short to a success! This is where I say – “Go get it mate”


This is when you have the whole society, the whole friends circle, the peers and above all yourself who is proudly showing off your success, your beliefs, your dreams and the stage where you emerge triumphantly!

So, are you ready? 


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  1. Awesome post Vinay, truly the picture is quite meaningful and you explained it in a fantastic way too. Also I am quite happy with the way you are coming up with the new posts. I am sure you must be getting more and more visitors and their stay as well…

    1. Thank you Alok :). That’s a lovely lovely compliment :).. Very happy seeing this, You have seen my posts from its inception and to be hearing this from you gives a very complete feeling and an appreciation for the entire journey from the past 3-4 months :).. Will keep these posts coming, hopefully with more variety with time to come 🙂

    2. Thank you Alok :). I loved this picture, as soon as I saw it , I realized that I HAD TO WRITE about it. Absolutely enjoyed the process!

      The traffic has definitely spiked and the site is recording a consistent share of visitors. The traffic has actually double compared to the last month and we actually reached the target which we had for the end of the month at the start itself.. That was quite a breather!

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