Relationship : 8 Ways To Compliment Someone On Their Beauty

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8 Ways To Compliment Someone On Their Beauty

It’s been a while since we wrote any such posts and it is exciting to revisit the HOW TO trend again and today the focus of the topic is –

How To Tell Someone that they are attractive?Β 

The inspiration for this post is the modern lingo, of the common lol’s and hawts and ooo’s and ogling’s I would like to call myself a wee bit old fashioned and try Β to understand the lingo a little more and the intensity behind these words and the ones which may sound more appealing.

We have always fancied with the words – beautiful, Alluring, Charming, Delicate, Dazzling, Elegant, Exquisite and so on. And we have also been introduced to the current day lingo with easier words as they appear on TV – Hot, chick, dude, sexy, scorching, sizzling and so on. And I can’t stop to wonder if there is a bit of sleaziness involved in it or is it just that these words seem to have replaced the ones which used to earlier.

Well here are 8 reasons to get back to those words of charm

1) Elegance

There is a certain amount of elegance attached to the use of these words, a sophisticated touch and a well read or a well cultured feel to it. I don’t mean to sound cocky or too uptight but I would like to see someone use these words instead of the current day lingo

2) Laziness

Somehow the use of these short cuts and the sms language kinda gives me a feel that people are really lazy and they don’t seem to put in that extra effort into a word to define someone they like or are interested in

3) The uniqueness

The overuse of the word ‘Cute’ has made me wonder if that word has any meaning at all, babies are cute, photos are cute. Sometimes people use cute as a safe word cos it seems non committal. So be a little careful when you call someone cute, it depends on the relationship you have with that other person

4) For A Stranger

You cannot go up to a stranger and say that they are hot or sexy. The greatest likelihood of that is being treated as an offence – you could call them pretty or interesting or maybe even cute. Beautiful may work sometimes but again that would dilute the meaning of what you are trying to convey or maybe overwhelm the recipient.

5) The Intensity

Each of these words are intense, they have a certain sophistication associated with them, esp with people who are well read and appreciate the cultural diversity. Make sure you pick your words carefully. It is really not cute to use a lazy word for someone who means a great deal to you. There are much better words like – Elegant, Graceful, Charming, Exquisite and so on.

6) The reactions.Β 

Communication is usually a two way street. You can’t expect to take responsibility of what you just say, you would also have to take the responsibility as to how the other person reacts. The more you do that, the more conscious a conversationalist you become. There is no point in trying to tell someone they are beautiful and to see that they are walking away from you the very next moment – beats the entire purpose of the conversation doesn’t it?

7) The purpose

What is this word or this statement meant to accomplish for you? Is it meant to initiate a conversation, is it meant to take the conversation to a new level. For an initiation, pretty or cute might sound like interesting choices, but to take it to the next stage, give some work to the brain, there are a plenty of great words available out there.

8) The Respect.Β 

Atleast at the initial levels, or even after the initial levels, I believe a conversation or a compliment is going to direct the rest of the conversation. It may sometimes be easy to recover from the use of the silly words of the sms lingo, at the same you lose on that opportunity cos the other person will have their guards up. So choose wisely πŸ™‚

Either ways, the end point of the initiation or to tell someone they are attractive really depends on the purpose of the conversation and the idea is to make sure that it is received the way you meant it and leave less for a misinterpretation.

For that I guess these words might help a bit, and well you never know – after having said all these – the modern lingo might work better for someone who is that used to it and you might sound like a cave man when you use these text book words.

So… Choose your audience wisely πŸ™‚


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11 thoughts on “Relationship : 8 Ways To Compliment Someone On Their Beauty

  1. I don’t like SMS lingos and I never use them unless I’ve to shrink some message in Twitter to fit into the 80 characters limit. GenY use the…always. It’s really painful to see ‘lyk’, ‘sry’ and their ilks. I can see your point here, Vinay. I think it’s not very wise to call someone ‘sexy’ or ‘hawt’ unless one is quite acquainted with the lady. But we can always add adjectives like ‘pretty’, beautiful’ ….they never sound rude.
    A nice article…. πŸ™‚

    1. He he, I hate it Maniparna when people are so lazy to type those full words and expect us to understand them. I always get irritated when someone uses those short forms, it just makes me feel that the other person is so damn lazy! πŸ˜€ ..
      Thank you Maniparna, I think beauty has a lot of undertones and overtones associated with it and language is a beauitful thing which deserves as much respcect as the person it is intended to,

    1. Thank you Archana, I think I had written this a while ago and for some reason I had not posted it. Maybe I wasn’t very confident of it and then vidya pointed out that I should and finally there it is now. I am so glad that you liked it πŸ™‚

  2. Amazing post..the title pulls me to read it further πŸ˜€
    Loved the way you (U) LOL have translated this effortlessly. The significance of few words like you have mentioned, Cute, beautiful, sexy, Cool has been loosing it’s much hyped charms. But, like you have put up, respect is main for any kind of communication and that needs to be two-way to be successful. Keep sharing such “cute” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ posts.

    1. Thank you Ruchi. Goood to see you here. I have always been a huge fan of communication and somehow the respect to language and a person come very synonymous to me. I can’t really stand the misuse of words and when someone uses them without really meaning the same, I find it awfully hard to control myself from not slapping them πŸ˜€ .. Words are beautiful when placed properly and they can create an incredibly beautiful impact πŸ™‚

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